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Shark net Rally. People plan to swim under the nets.

Ballina Shire has asked the DPI to install 5 shark nets over the next 6 months as part of another 6 month trial. The shark nets were installed today, 2 days before the rally and paddle out on the 25th Nov. We urgently need to encourage all levels of government to not install/remove these marine killing nets. We also need to show that we do not consent to these nets that have killed over 140 marine creatures durring the last 6 month trial and that there are more effective non lethal alternatives.


remove shark nets

remove shark nets

The plan is to meet on the beach in front of Lennox Head surf club at midday ~ Saturday 25th Nov~ and spell out some large words with bodies and boards then paddle out to the Shark nets that are planned to be about 300 meters off shore. Those who feel confident and with masks and fins can then swim under the shark nets that go down about 5 meters. This will help dispel the fallacy that the nets are a total barrier and that sharks, like humans, can swim under the nets.

You can see the effects of a similar action I organised at Mooloolaba and some of the positive media it generated here

If you want to sign some petitions to Lobby politicians or get more info on shark nets and the alternatives you can check my website More info and media releases to come. Keep checking this event to see if there are any changes with dates, venues or time. Also ring Minister for Primary Industries, Niall Blair on 0409 682 163 or tel him not to instal the nets in writing at

I have been talking to the person from the DPI by the name of Marcel Green who is co-ordinating the shark net program and installation of the nets off Ballina. He says the people of this region want the nets. Feel free to call him and let him know if this is true. 0410459959


swimming under shark nets

Shark nets installed today. Media Release 23-11-2017

Shark net Rally. People plan to swim under the nets.

Skipper of Marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2, Dean Jefferys said “In responce to the shark nets being installed of Ballinas beaches concerned people will swim under the shark nets to help dispel the fallacy that the nets are a total barrier and that sharks and like humans, can swim under the nets.The plan is to meet on the beach in front of Lennox Head surf club at midday ~ Saturday 25th Nov~ and spell out some large words with bodies and boards then paddle out to the Shark nets that are planned to be about 500 to 800 meters off shore. Those who feel confident and with masks and fins can then swim under the shark nets that go down about 5 meters.”

“In July this year a humpback whale calf tangled up in a shark net off the Gold Coast. The mother also got tangled possibly trying desperately to free her baby from the Shark nets. The baby eventually drown and the mother was cut loose, I would suggest, devastated. Over 140 marine creatures died in the last 6 month trial, including many endangered species. How many many creatures need to die (data) to prove these nets don’t work. There are many more effective non lethal alternatives to Shark Nets, like Drone surveillance, Tagging, Smart bouys, Shark Shields, Spotters, and shark smart awareness programs. One point for swimming under the nets is to show what sharks do and how ineffective the nets are at keeping sharks away from swimming areas. Shark nets only go down 6 meters and are around 186 meters long, in a straight line. I am a drone operator currently working with “Shark Watch” around the Byron region. ”Shark Watch” is a non lethal example of an effective, real time, community based solution that could be expanded along Australia’s east coast”

Following is a letter i recently sent to the Ballina Chamber of Commerce and the Ballina Mayor asking for a meeting. “Seeing as they have opted for the shark nets as apposed to non lethal alternatives, it seems like we have no option than to proceed with the international campaign to encourage local people and overseas tourist to visit and spend their money at non netted beaches where there is a priority to look after and protect the local and migrating marine life and provide more effective, non lethal shark mitigation technology.”

Dear Ballina Mayor,
David Wright
I would like to ask for a meeting with representatives of the Ballina Chamber of Commerce, the Ballina Mayor, myself and other marine conservationists to discuss the non lethal alternatives to the shark net program currently proposed in your region. I have heard from various spokes people that a down turn in tourism after an unwanted shark encounter is a major concern for business people from the Ballina shire.

I have been talking with other marine conservationist and have come up with a list of non lethal ideas and activities that should be capable of preventing an unwanted shark encounter and has the potential to encourage people, rather than discourage people, to Ballina’s beaches.

I am currently involved in a public education campaign to inform beach users to the ineffectiveness of shark nets. If the shark nets get installed off Ballina’s beaches I and others will be doing a media event where we swim under the shark nets to show their ineffectiveness at stopping an unwanted shark encounter. If humans can swim under the nets then surely sharks can.

It appears that the shark net fallacy to attract tourism is just that, a fallacy and if/when an unwanted shark encounter occurs at a ‘netted’ beach this fallacy will be expose and so will your tourist industry. You will then have no where to run. This just occurred at Avoca netted beach and the local council is in severe damage control. Better to incorporate more effective, new, non lethal technology, now.

As part of the campaign to remove Shark nets, (that don’t work) we (a coalition of marine conservation groups) plan to encourage local people and overseas tourist to visit and spend their money at non netted beaches where there is a priority to look after and protect the local and migrating marine life and provide more effective, non lethal shark mitigation technology e.g. shark watch, drum lines, spotters, education etc. When/if we launch this campaign we will be encourage people to avoid Shark netted beaches though out Australia.

This international campaign has not been rolled out yet as we are trusting all shires and all levels of government do not install shark nets or that they remove all shark nets asap.

I trust we can work together to find a solution that serves everyone and provides the utmost safety for water users.

see rally info at
and more info at

Shark net action at Mooloolaba


We all created a great Shark net action today off Mooloolaba. 2 TV stations local press and some locals. Even had a turtle come to my feet at the wharf while talking to the tv. Swam right under the nets to show the lie that these nets protect swimmers. Following is some media coverage by newspapers and TV local and Brisbane. Nets are going.

swimming under shark nets

7 TV news Brisbane  Anti-shark nets campaign on the Sunshine Coast.

7 News Sunshine Coast added a new video: Shark net protest.

Migaloo 2 Skipper to swim under Shark Nets off Mooloolaba.

Media Release 2-8-2017
Migaloo 2 Skipper to swim under Shark Nets off Mooloolaba.

Marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2 will visit Mooloolaba on Thursday on its Whale Migration Tour raising awareness on important issues like Shark nets and different forms of pollution. Migaloo 2 is sailing from Byron Bay to the Great Barrier Reef and return over the next three months. In Mooloolaba, Skipper of Migaloo 2, Dean Jefferys, will be meeting up with people from different Marine conservation groups to discuss conservation strategies and inspect and swim under the Shark nets off Mooloolaba. Leah Hays and other members of the Sunshine Coast Environment Council, along with Tony Isacson and other divers will be meeting at the public wharf near the Fishermans Co-op in Mooloolaba spit at 10 am Thursday 3rd. There will be photo opportunities with banners and Migaloo 2 in the back ground. A limited amount of Media are also invited onboard Migaloo 2 to inspect the Shark nets up close and shoot video or take pictures of people with banners on floating craft around the nets and Dean Jefferys swimming under the Shark net. (photos and video will be made available to media after the event)

Dean Jefferys is also a drone operator with “Shark Watch” in the Byron region where a 6 month Shark net trial has just finished early due to the beginning of the Humpback whale migration.

Dean Jefferys said “I was happy that the Byron/Ballina shark net trial finished early to avoid the possible entanglement and death of any of the 30,000 humpback whales that migrate along these shores, yet I am very disappointed with Queensland’s position that they keep the shark nets in all year around. 126 whales have been entangled in Queensland’s shark nets over the last 50 years compared to NSWs 9. Many off these whales have drowned a terrible death in these nets. Just 2 weeks ago a humpback whale calf tangled up in a shark net off the Gold Coast. The mother also got tangled possibly trying desperately to free her baby from the Shark nets. The baby eventually drown and the mother was cut loose, I would suggest, devastated. Queensland needs to catch up with NSW and then overtake them by removing these ineffective, lethal Shark nets completely, asap. There are many more effective non lethal alternatives to Shark Nets, like Drone surveillance, Tagging, Smart bouys, Shark Shields, Spotters, and shark smart awareness programs. One point for swimming under the nets is to show what sharks do and how ineffective the nets are at keeping sharks away from swimming areas. Shark nets in Queensland only go down 6 meters and are around 186 meters long, in a straight line”

For more information on Migaloo 2 see or call Dean Jefferys 0467485903 for interviews or pictures of the event. Or call Tony Isacson on 0402345207

Baby Humpback whale drowns in Shark Net at Gold Coast.

Another baby humpback whale was killed in a shark nets on the Gold Coast on 15 July 2017 because of human fear and ignorance. Who ever supports shark nets, how would you feel if it was your baby that drowned in a sharknet. Sign this petition, its time to remove shark nets immediately everywhere. Most of NSW remove the sharks nets during whale migration season hence less entanglement. Qld on the other hand leaves them in (over 100) all year and have entangle 126 whales over the last 45 years many whom drowned a horrible death.

Feels like its time to do a shark net demo where it will get a lot of media and put pressure on the right people. Lots of people and banners and a blow up whale tangled in shark nets is a strong image that much media would run with. Im from Northern NSW so don’t know where is best yet i would imagine at Queensland Minister responsible for the Qld Shark Control Program, Bill Byrne office or Fisheries or DPI office or get daring and target QLD tourism and call the lie on shark nets and call for non lethal alternatives. or what about an action on the water with banners near the nets with media in a boat. Ill be joining the migration and sailing through Gold coast in a week or two and happy to use migaloo 2 to highlight the issue.

Following is some action you can take if you feel called to hold some humans to account.…/newborn-whales-dies-off-gold-co…/…
Sign and share the petitions below:…
Petition to at the very least have the nets removed during the migration season:
Send a message to your state MP:
#ProtectAllMarineLife #QuitTheCull #GiveNetsTheFlick
Apex Harmony Campaign – Sea Shepherd Global

Shark nets up over Whale season angers conservationists. 2-5-2017

I gave an impromptu presentation to the Senate inquiry into shark mitigation and deterrent measures in Byron today. I also had some whales whisper in my ear to write a media release to help educate some humans about the dangers of Shark nets…….
Media Release. 2-5-2017
Possibility of leaving Shark nets up over Whale season angers conservationists.
Members of various marine conservation groups who gave evidence at the Senate inquiry into shark mitigation and deterrent measures today are angry and disappointed that the DPI haven’t ensured that they will remove the Ballina Shark nets when the trial is finished and for the duration of whale season. Other NSW regions have already removed their shark nets to prevent the possibility of Whale entanglement and death during the coming migration. It was also noted that the Mayor of Ballina appeared keen to have the Shark nets stay in place when the trial ends this month.
Marine conservation groups including Australian Seabird Rescue, Sunshine Coast Environmental Council, Migaloo 2 Foundation and Ex Greens Senator, Ian Cohen, agreed during the lunch break at the enquiry to write to the Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg, the Chair of the Senate inquiry into shark mitigation and the Ballina Mayor David Wright, insisting that an independent thorough review be conducted at the end of the trial. The letter will ask that Shark nets be removed asap inline with other NSW regions so as not to endanger the lives of the migrating humpback whales.
Founder and Captain of the Marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2, Dean Jefferys, said, “The death of over 172 non targeted species during the trail so far that include dolphins, endangered rays, turtles and sharks could not be called a success by any means. To label nine of sharks killed as “potentially dangerous” even though those varieties have never hurt a human shows the bias of the reporting. The actual marine deaths from the shark nets maybe much higher than reported as it appears many die after being released due to injury and stress. This was demonstrated recently when a turtle washed up dead on Lennox Head with Shark net marks on it. I saw a humpback whale once in Hervey Bay that had parts of a Shark net and floats still attached to it and it would have most likely died later from exhaustion. It was claimed in the media and DPI reports that the Humpback was “Rescued and released”. The bottom line is that many marine animals including critically endangered species are being sacrificed to satisfy some humans fears about going in the water. People are being feed the convenient lie that shark nets will protect them while other more effective non lethal methods are being ignored or under funded.” I am disappointed that some peak surfing groups that made submissions to the inquiry that support Shark nets, drum lines and even culling. What kind of signals should we be sending to the younger generation of surfers? That we just kill anything we are afraid of or that we should learn how to live with respect for fellow creatures we share the waves with.”
If you want to take some action to remove the shark nets the Mayor of Ballina David Wright I understand is asking the DPI to leave the nets in over whale season. If you want him to change his position you can share why at his FB site or email him at
or ring him on (02) 6628 1059 or 04 1596 5403 My email i just sent to him David,
I heard your presentation to the Senate Shark net inquiry and am concerned that you appear to support the nets being in place over the humpback whale migration despite most other NSW regions already removing their shark nets to prevent whale entanglements and death. Can you please confirm if you want DPI to leave nets in place after the trail is finished. It was my understanding there was to be a thorough review of the trials and public consultation before any decision was made to reinstall the nets. Why is this not taking place? How will you sleep when a humpback whale drowns in the net because you asked for the nets to stay? I will be recommending that no one vote for any council members or member of parliament who supported the shark nets.
Dean Jefferys
Senate Inquiry

Shark Net Protest at Quicksilver Pro Surfing comp Coolangatta

MEDIA RELEASE  18-3-2017
Shark Net Protest at Quicksilver Pro Surfing comp Coolangatta
Members of north coast marine conservation groups will converge on the Quicksilver Pro Surfing competition at Coolangatta at 9 am Qld time on Saturday the 18th of March to hold up banners asking for the removal of Shark Nets.
Co-ordinator of the protest, Dean Jefferys, from the Migaloo 2 marine conservation Foundation said “The Quicksilver Pro Surfing competition is the obvious place to hold a Shark Net protest as many surfers are concerned both about being safe while surfing and also wanting to live in harmony with other marine creatures. Snapper Rocks is flanked by a string of shark nets that have killed hundreds of marine creatures since their placement. We want to raise the issue about the effectiveness and the impact of the current shark net program on other sea users and offer more effective and non lethal alternatives to find a solution. Since 1950 there have been over 16,500 marine creatures killed in these shark nets in NSW and QLD, over 5000 of them endangered or critical endangered”. 
Jefferys said “Shark nets do not offer the safety from sharks they profess as sharks can simply swim around the nets. Cheaper and more effective alternative technologies currently exist that make the public safer without increasing the dangers to other marine life. They include, the Spotters Program, Personal repellents, Sonar, Shark tagging, Education and the use of drones for spotting. I am a drone operator currently working with “Shark Watch” around the Byron region. ”Shark Watch” is a non lethal example of an effective, real time, community based solution that could be expanded along Australia’s east coast”
To contact Dean Jefferys for comment call 0467485903 or talk to us by the waters edge at Snapper Rocks Coolangatta on the day around 9 am


Snapper Rocks 2016

Protest at Shark nets being deployed around Ballina

Hammerhead Shark catches NSW Premier Mike Baird in Shark net.


Today North Coast Marine conservation groups and marine lovers came together today at Ballina’s Light house Beach, to let the NSW Premier, Mike Baird know that they don’t want the rope Shark nets installed off Ballina’s beaches or anywhere along the Australian coast line. The 60 Marine conservationist chanted No Shark Nets while the Premier spoke to the media. After talking briefly to some of the people present and while leaving the area, Dean Jefferys, dress in a Hammerhead Shark costume wrapped Mike Baird in a net. Dean Jefferys said “I did this to give the Premier an opportunity to experience what it is like to be a marine creature trapped in a shark net. The Premier was lucky, he wasn’t tangled up underwater unable to breathe, like the 16500 marine creatures that have died in the last 65 years in NSW waters because of these indiscriminate killing nets. 4773 endangered Hammerhead shark are part of the 12000 marine creatures killed as non targeted species in these shark nets 6 pm
Hammerhead Shark catches Mike Baird in Shark net.


Drone operator, Dean Jefferys, who is also skipper of marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2 said “We have the technology and resources to reduce dramatically the chance of an unwanted encounter with a shark yet the Premier, Mike Baird prefers to go against his own scientific advice and install these outdated indiscriminate killing nets. A volunteer based group called Shark watch recently had to rely on funding from Byron Council to do shark spotting with a drone which was one solution recommended to Mike Baird from his scientific team. Instead of supporting innovative shark spotting programs like this, the Premier has decided to pander to some ill informed surfers, noisy locals and business operators. He will squander probably Millions of dollars on nets and maintenance that could go into other more effective methods of shark control that don’t indiscriminately kill local and migrating marine life.”

“Shark nets are purely cosmetic to convince tourists and locals they are “safe”. There is no scientific evidence that the shark nets actually make swimmers safer. Sharks can swim over, under, and around the nets and are often caught on the inside while leaving the netted area. Referencing data from the NSW Shark Meshing Program there were 16,696 deaths of marine creatures from 1959 to 2014. See attached data sheet. Sharks play an important role in maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem and should not be seen as the monster that Jaws made them out to be 40 years ago. Its time to move on from this fear based movie set and get with the times”

“The New South Wales Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair said the locations to install the nets were chosen after a process of community consultation yet there was not one question in the “community consultation” survey that asked if the community actually wanted the shark nets or not. It was as I assumed, carefully chosen questions to give the impression that they consulted with the community yet in reality it was the same as Metgasco version of the CSG “community consultation”.” see FB event

I just met migaloo the white whale off Hastings point heading north at 11-30 am 26th July 2016. I then went to Cabarita headland and watched migaloo from there also. Yeah so happy. I know some whale watch operators and private boats get way to close with there loud motor noise and constant hassling. I tuned in and sent an apology on behalf of the humans for the hassling he gets from humans.  When i returned home i had to lay down in bed for an hour to ground and tune back into him. I was so high seeing him. Migaloo means white fella in local indigenous language and in Mirrning language they have a legend about a white whale they call Jeedera similar to the hopi prophecy about the white buffalo signifying great change coming. Currently Sea Shepherd have a campaign called “Operation Jeedera” to stop Oil mining in the Great Australian Bight. Seems appropriate.


Migaloo thanks to Alison Reid

BOYCOTT JAPAN. 4 whaling ships left Japan to kill 333 whales

BOYCOTT JAPAN…. 4 whaling ships left Japan today to try to kill 333 whales in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, despite the International Court of Justice ruling saying it was illegal. When governments and corporations refuse to listen to the people or the rule of International Law then its up to the people to take the power back and consumer boycotts of Japanese product and services is a way to put financial pressure on the Japanese governments to stop this senseless and barbaric slaughter of our ancestors from the oceans, the Great Whales. What is the point of having the a world court the International Court of Justice and the International Whaling Commission if the decision is ignored if it doesnt go your way. How can any country now take Japan seriously. The Japanese Government has now become a rogue nation, a joke. Go get em Sea Shepherd and every consumer that was thinking of buying a Japanese product. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull should also boycott the fleet of Japanese submarines it is thinking about buying off Japan. I always knew Sea Shepherd had the law and justice on your side. Now the whole world does and its with you. And if your Japanese and you dont like the world boycotting your country and you happen to like whales then please tell your gov to STOP KILLING WHALES.



Animal Communicator Anna Breytenbach talks with Great White Shark

During Anna Breytenbach 2015 Australian tour running Animal Communication workshops Anna talks in the following clip about about her telepathic communication with the group mind of the Great White Shark. Seeing as they are having similar problems with increased shark encounters in South Africa as we are around Byron Bay we thought it would be good to make a youtube clip so people can hear from the Great White Shark directly about whats going of for them and what ocean users can do to minimise an unwanted shark encounter.


For more info on Annas work see and the Spirit to Diablo Clip see

Over 200 people packed the Public meeting on Sharks at the Lennox Head school. We heard marine scientists politicians and police give their view on the increased encounters between humans and sharks and what can be done to try to ensure these encounters don’t lead to serious injury or death. At least they are not copying WA or QLD and just wanna kill. All options are on the table and it seems decisions will be based on science not a Hollywood film. Shark nets and drum lines seem at the very bottom of the list where they should be. They even talked about the unexceptable by catch deaths due to those options. As I was driving home the words came to me what i could have said if i had the mic. Most people coming here are looking for someone else to find a solution to the perceived problem of having a dangerous encounter with a shark yet the solution seems a little closer to home. We can establish a relationship with the shark and let it know telepathically that we are not food or competition for food. We can also learn to control the electromagnetic energy signals we send into the water and to control our fear of becoming part of the food chain and seeing as really we are not in the marine food chain that shouldn’t be too hard.

I am inviting people to join me for a Shark Swim off Byron Bay main beach at 10 am Saturday the 31st of October. We go through the processes Anna Breytenbach has outlined in the recent and attached video to connect with shark consciousness and be in harmony and not fear around sharks. We enter the water and swim maybe 150-200 meters off shore and do some more telepathic exercises out there. who’s interested to swim the talk.


Incredible whale contact while sailing migaloo 2

Just experience the most amazing two hours of my life. A humpback whale swam next to me as the auto pilot steered migaloo 2  and we just played with each other for about two hours till the sun set and moon rose. It was absolutely incredible. I played didge to it it blew bubbles back at me, I’d yell I love you and it would make the same sound and emotion through its blow hole it would come right up to the didge and feel it, I’d say I love you and it would go belly up and swim upside down right underneath me, it would blow next to me to get my attention then it would do a big tail slap and a breach and it came so close to me and eyeballed me so many times. I feel so blessed. It even gave me some clues how to communicate with it telepathically. I would have to close my eyes and play the didge softly get out of my head,no thought just feel the heart and the love it shared when it went belly up. Amazing . Another world and depth of communication is just waiting there for us to dive into. Currently sailing passed Noosa with the full moon glistening on the ocean and gentle northerly taking me home. So blessed. These beings are enlightened gods of the ocean I’m sure. Just while selecting this video two whales came up next to migaloo 2 and puffed at me. Was one my new friend? To see more about my marine conservation campaigns and my new documentary, Whale Whisperers see…………………………………………….Post Script……..I’d like to write some more about the incredible whale encounter I had two days ago while it’s fresh in my mind. I’ve been driven, some would say possessed by a passion to deepen my connection and communication with whales since I was eye balled by one while I was surfing off Byron 15 years ago. I started off speaking on their behalf at protests at Japanese embassies and boycott campaigns to stop the killing of what I felt were my ancestors and friends. It was a flaw in our evolution as a species to harm such enlightened beings. Holding us back from evolving. Yet I wanted more than to speak for them, I wanted to speak with them. So Ive been going to Hervey Bay over the last ten years and just hanging out with them. I felt they had something to offer us humans if we would just take the time to listen and feel. I traveled to Tonga in the South Pacific as you are allowed to swim with the whales there. It was here I had my second eyeball with a mother and baby humpback whale where the whale actually winked at me while I was underwater with it only meters away. A life changing moment to be fully seen and acknowledged and unconditionally loved by a whale, a being maybe 100 times my weight. Then I bought a yacht with Ray Thorpe  about five years ago to establish a marine conservation foundation and we called the yacht migaloo 2. I’ve been sailing to Hervey Bay every whale season since then to just hang out with the whales for months on end listening to their whale songs and just being with them. I have been practicing telepathic communication with the whales every year with varying levels of success. I find they love the vibration of the didgeridoo. It is also a good medium to get out of your mind and just send feelings through the vibration. So when this young humpback whale hooked up with me and migaloo 2 right at double island point for a short part of its southern migration I felt this was a great blessing to deepen my connection with the whales. I’d been longing for personal connection not just a splash or breach like they do for the tour boat, I wanted real connection heart to heart soul to soul species to species. The whale wanted to connect and play too. It would come up next to the boat and spray me with water from its blowhole to my screams of delight. It swam evenly and held its head less than 30 centre meters away from the end of the didgeridoo as I caressed it with sound.  As I poured my love to this being it poured love back often rolling onto its belly swimming upside down right below me blasting me with the most amazing unconditional love heart energy I have felt. So vulnerable and trusting. This was my gift. I had to drop in more. As I played didge to it i receive a subtle message to close my eyes and relax, get out of my head and into my heart, feel what I have been sending you when I go belly up. Heart not head. I dropped in for moments that seemed timeless and when I’d hear his puff next to me I would get distracted and open my eyes just to loose the dept of connection then Id close my eyes again and just play ever so softly on the didge to go back there again. I bathed in his loving and playful energy for at least two hours. He would puff and splash and breach and communicate all for and with me. I was in heaven. Eventually I had to set things up for a night sail and radio in my position. When I came back out the sun was down and the full super blood moon just out of an eclipse on the other side of the planet rose and he was gone. I felt a bit sad I didn’t say goodbye to my new friend yet said with my mind I would love to see him again at Byron bay just after I have finished the animal communication workshop I’m doing with Anna Brechenbarc in the next few days and we are then going out into the ocean to practice our telepathic communication skills with our great ancestors from the ocean, the whales. I felt I had made a real friend with this whale and look forward to connecting again. He will be easy to recognise as he has a damaged and floppy pectoral fin on the left side. I gazed into the rising moon soaking up this incredible connection. The next day I sailed out out of Moloolabar to be greeted by a mother and baby humpback playing and heading straight for one of the 70 or so shark nets that litter our coastline. A baby humpback drowned and died after being tangled in one of these nets not far from here only weeks earlier. I hit the accelerator and motor sailed between the Mother and calf and the net that was less than 100 meters away from them ready to dive over with a knife if it got tangled up. I sent a message with my heart to stay away from these dangerous nets. They didn’t get tangled and instead they both put on a great show for me breaching and pec slapping as if they acknowledged my caring. I realised again how humans need to stop living in fear of creatures from the sea and instead treat them with the love and respect they deserve. We, the earth and all its creatures will benefit when we do. For more info see

2 Whales tangled in Shark Nets

2 Whales tangled in Shark nets off Gold Coast this week 1 baby dies

Baby humpback whale dies today, July 23rd, due to shark nets Gold Coast Lifeguard superintendent Peter Miller said lifeguards responded to the initial call. “We were called to a possible whale stranding in the net off Currumbin,” he said. Fu…ing shark nets!!!! another young whale was tangled in a sharknet last saturday. Some of the net got cut off and now it has a permanent heavy necklace. How many more whales are going to die before they are removed. Shark nets must go. They are simply used as a means to blindly fool the public into a false sense of security- they create more of a hazard than they do to keep people safe. It’s time people see the real destruction they cause.
There were 12 more dolphins caught and mostly killed just last year (2014) in Queensland alone! Not to mention hundreds of sharks, 19 sea turtles, 8 whales, 7 manta rays and many other species…
Since 1962, 50,000 sharks have been killed and 30,000 ‘by-catch’/non targeted species were caught- many dying horrific deaths.
There are better alternatives out there that don’t trap or kill marine life- let’s use them!

Lets do a massive paddle out to the shark nets to ensure this stops happening of snapper rock while the Quick silver pro and Roxy Pro is on in Feb next year if they are still there. Also see my site for more info on what you can do.

The only way we are going to get alternatives happening is to get public support behind this. Please do not think this is a waste of time. These are the people that we need to change current legislation.
Bill Byrne
Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries and Minister for Sport and Racing:
Steven Miles
Queensland Minister of Environment,
Annastacia Palaszczuk
Queensland Premier,
Jackie Trad
Deputy Premier
Deborah (Deb) Frecklington
Shadow Minister for Fisheries
You can look up your local MP here: ?#?noQLDsharkcull??#?nosharkcull? ?#?fortheoceans? ?#?Removethenets? ?#?Removethedrumlines??#?forthewhales? ?#?seashepherd? ?#?operationapexharmony??#?seashepherdgoldcoast?