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Im making a new Shamanic Documentary

Im making a new Shamanic Documentary called “The God Molecule and the Shamanic Toad” It’s a personal journey into the mysterious Shamanic and microscopic world of the most powerful Hallucinogenic molecule known to man, 5-MeO-DMT or “The God Molecule” as many are now calling it. Read more about it and support the crowd funding of it on this site at

BOYCOTT JAPAN…. 4 whaling ships left Japan to try to kill 333 whales in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, despite the International Court of Justice ruling saying it was illegal. Sea nShepherd are in hot pursuit. When governments and corporations refuse to listen to the people or the rule of International Law then its up to the people to take the power back and consumer boycotts of Japanese product and services is a way to put financial pressure on the Japanese governments to stop this senseless and barbaric slaughter of our ancestors from the oceans, the Great Whales. What is the point of having the a world court the International Court of Justice and the International Whaling Commission if the decision is ignored if it doesnt go your way. How can any country now take Japan seriously. The Japanese Government has now become a rogue nation, a joke. Go get em Sea Shepherd and every consumer that was thinking of buying a Japanese product. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull should also boycott the fleet of Japanese submarines it is thinking about buying off Japan. I always knew Sea Shepherd had the law and justice on your side. Now the whole world does and its with you. And if your Japanese and you dont like the world boycotting your country and you happen to like whales then please tell your gov to STOP KILLING WHALES.

During Anna Breytenbach 2015 Australian tour running Animal Communication workshops Anna talks in the following clip about about her telepathic communication with the group mind of the Great White Shark. For more info on Anna and coming Shark Swim event in Byron see blog at left.

I have just had the most amazing whale contact while sailing back from Hervey Bay see video below and blog to the left.

Although I didnt reach my goal for my crowd funding campaign to raise $4000 towards my new film “Whale Whisperers” i am still looking for private funding to make the film so if you want to support it contact me or make a one off donation on left. Rewards from my pozible campaign are still valid organised privately.  Click on photo of me with the whale or the link here

The Whale Whisperers is a mysterious journey to the final frontier of the natural world, communicating telepathically with animals. Following is a promo clip I made for the film.

Im currently in Migaloo 2 in Moololabar waiting for the right winds to sail to Hervey Bay. 11. aug 2015 Following is one clip from the trip going past Shark nets at Snapper Rocks

See the you tube clip  below to see how the 2015 launch went and what was live streamed to the world. Starts about 15 mins in. We warned about the risk of whales getting caught in shark nets and during the last week 2 Whales tangled in Shark nets off Gold Coast and One baby died. See blog and lobby contacts in left column

See Media Releases and Blog on left.  To see the Migaloo 2 newsletter  for july 2014 click the following link. or see blog in left hand of this page. Feel free to share this newsletter and sign up in right hand column.

“One focus of this years trip in Migaloo 2 will be looking at shark culling and shark nets along the coast and examine the associated problems. While the issue of shark culling with bait drums has been raised in WA with the hundreds of tiger sharks killed over there this year, many people do not realise hundreds of these apex predators are senselessly killed along the Queensland coast with bait drums and shark nets. Many migrating humpback whales and dolphins are tangled and killed in these nets annually.”

Feels like we are on a roll. Last year the International Court of Justice told Japan to stop killing whales in the Antarctic and this week The Australian Minister for Energy told CSG co Metagasgo that their licence to drill a well at Bentley was suspended. To see live streaming from Bentley and  more info see my blog and the following link.

PATHWAY TO WHALE FREEDOM by Dean Jefferys 4-4-2014…While watching the International Court of Justice, ICJ, give its verdict that meant the Japanese whalers would no longer be shooting exploding harpoons into my whale friends in the Antarctic I screamed so loud I though someone might call the police. For over 10 years myself and millions of people around the world have been wondering how is it possible that these magnificent creatures of the ocean are still being killed under the blatant lie of “scientific research” This lie, that resulted in over 10000 whales being killed is finally exposed in the Highest Court on this Planet Ocean. This is a major victory for the whales and a huge step forward in humanities evolution. Japan may choose to keep killing whales in the northern hemisphere yet a precedent has been set and if they do, other northern hemisphere countries can challenge Japan in the ICJ again and most likely win. see more in blog to the left and this FB photo album link

o what a feeling

Sea Shepherd has been busy saving many whales in the Antarctic and showing the cruel dolphin killing and capturing in Taaiji in Japan. see Meanwhile I look forward to joining the humpback migration on migaloo 2 when they return in June. Recently  I re-edited an amazing encounter with two young whales.  Its called Communicating with Whales

On Sep 1st the begining of dolphin killing season in Japan we did a ceremony for the dolphins in Japan with local indigenous people of Fraser island and Hervey Bay from conservation yacht migaloo 2 and the local dolphins.

If you want to ensure you don’t miss a newsletter while Im in Hervey Bay with the whales go to and subscribe to the newsletter on the front page, bottom left. There are heaps of active links to videos, websites and global actions coming up for the dolphins so click on and feel free to share this post with your friends. Read all about the 2013 trip to Hervey Bay in the Migaloo 2 Newsletter – Sailing the Winds of Change 2013 

See the Migaloo 2 2013 Launch that was live streamed on Sun 30th June in the window below

see and feel free to be my friend on FB check photos of the trip and like my page Subscribe too on this page to get info on future sailing trips,whale actions and on live streaming events. Also see clips from this trip on my You tube channel link here or the tab on the right.

What an amazing climax to Sailing 2012 and Beyond journey to experience the total eclipse of the Sun near cairns. For more info see my update blog  and my Face book album We have had an amazing 4 weeks in Hervey bay with the whales. see Playing didge with a Southern right whale and baby  See singing with 2 whales in this clip On the 1st Sep participated in an aboriginal smoking cerimony for whales and dolphins with Goomblar, See blog. On the way to Hervey Bay we had a ceremony in Noosa for all the marine life tangled and killed in shark nets and paddled out to the shark nets 200 meters off shore. see photos of the event and the media release in the blog section to the left and a video of the event here

To see some media on migaloo 2 see some following links echo net daily  story on SOS day demo + youtube clip of demosee a TV news story of Migaloo2 and Echo article …. and another…. and another

To see the 2012 migaloo 2 launch + Sea Shepherd fundraiser event  CLICK PLAY IN SMALL WINDOW BELOW. To see the PAUL WATSON interview from that night  with intro from me click window below If we are not live it will show our last broadcast.[nbsp]

See the last stream from migaloo 2s trip in the Ustream window below and past recordings at my channel at Link to some live streaming with Si Mullumby and the whales in Hervey bay at sorry about the add on ustream should have own server soon


  recording of whales singing in hervey bay