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Gold Coast to Moloolabar Slipway, so near and yet so far…

Had a great sail up from the gold coast good wind and overnight sail. Saw 2 whales off the tip off Morton island. Im now in moloolabar but migaloo 2 is a bit sick. While fixing an oil leak in the gearbox i noticed a water leak around the propeller shaft so Migaloo 2 has to go on land to get fixed delaying plans to get to Hervey bay. O well guess you cant be in bliss all the time.

arh i love living in slipways, stops the barnicals growing on the hull. Have to fit some new engine mounts and replace an oil seal in Moloolabar. will it ever end. I just wanna go sailing with da whales. Im sure sometimes i hear the whales calling me. Im coming dont leave Hervey Bay yet. So near and yet so far…..

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