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Aboriginal Smoking ceremony for Whales and Dolphins

Had an amazing smoking ceremony with aboriginal Goomblar Wylo and a dozen Butchulla kids from Hervey Bay and Mouri elder Kiiha yesterday on Migaloo 2. Wooow. by 3-30 pm we still hadnt seen any whales so Kiiha, his daughter and Goomblar individualy did there special pray and call to them and like magic they appeard and stayed with us. We couldnt have a traditional smoking fire on the boat so instead Kiiha and Goomblar lit some grandfather sage and connected to the whales from migaloo 2. Goomblar played the didge to two whales and you could see and feel how they liked it and loved that we were there to honor them. The Butchulla kids were blown away. Most had never been on a boat or seen a whale before. I felt blessed to be there with them all and the whales and dolphins sharing this magical moment and ceremony with them. Will post video soon . I didnt have good enought reception to live stream smoothly. you can see some of the short streams at i will edit up a short video clip soon and post it here and at Media Release 1-9-2012



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