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Eclipse climax to Sailing 2012 and Beyond


Eclipse Elders Gathering at Yarrabar

Eclipse Elders Gathering at Yarrabar

Woow what an amazing climax to Sailing 2012 and Beyond journey to experience to experience the total eclipse of the Sun near cairns. OMG and its still going on. The feeling of seeing the corona of the light of the sun around the moon was like seeing ligh

t refracted through dimonds. Hard to know the true and far reaching impact of this event yet mesuring it in my body it was a similar reaction to swimming with whales or having a very close encounter with them. Truely heart exploding. With 21st dec comming as well, well i really do believe anything is possible and probable. Currently anchored off Airlie beach about to head to the outer reef with my free diving nephew Lucus and friends to explore the outer barrier reef and the amazing sea creatures that live there and also continue my exploration of important issues threatning this world heritage wilderness. Getting some amazing footage for my doco.

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