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Migaloo 2 meets Migaloo off Byron

Migaloo 2 meets Migaloo off Byron

Still recovery after a truly EPIC day sailing off the Byron Coast yesterday (Monday 23rd July) in Migaloo 2 where I fulfilled a ten year dream of meeting Migaloo the White Humpback Whale.

migaloo2 whale2


I calculated Migaloo’s expected ETA in Byron from sightings in Eden and Sydney and working out at 3.9 knots he’d be here around 5 am Monday morning if he kept that speed. I checked the weather and yes perfect conditions for sailing to Byron and anchoring in the Bay. Sunday was a nice sail yet not only didn’t we see Migaloo but no one whale was to be seen the whole day. Maybe they where traveling in a big convoy party with Migaloo. First light and I was paddling to the beach to pick up Martin and Domi in the Inflatable kayak. We made it out to whale highway just as the first golden rays of the sun forced there way over the lava looking clouds on the horizon. Watchful for any sign of a Whale a puff a splash ripples on the water sounds anything we were high in anticipation. There’s a splash and Domi hits the accelerator on migaloo 2 and we head towards it. It’s a black fella or white fella Id yell. Migaloo is the aboriginal translation for white fella. We zig zagged back and forth in front of the lighthouse for hours during the morning determined not to let a pod go past without confirming whether or not the white fella was amongst them. As the day moved on and pod after pod reveled no migaloo we followed some black fellas north. Around 2 pm just as the expected north westerly wind which would take us home to Brunswick Harbor started to picked up I received an excited call from my niece Bridie from Cape Byron lookout. “I can see Migaloo” she said. I said we are right up level with Brunswick you sure that’s not another boat you can see.  Bridie exclaimed in a higher level of excitement no no I can see migaloo the white whale.  Migaloo the white whale? Yes. I screamed MIGALOOOOO. I changed coarse immediately for the Byron light house. In the 40 minutes it took to sail to the general area he could have fanned out to a large area. One report said he swam past Julian rocks but where. I saw some big splashes and white pectoral fins further east so we took off in that direction. The news helicopter was flying around then hovered over the cape. Was it just getting a nice shot of the cape or was migaloo down below. Several frantic radio calls to the local Whale watch boat and the helicopter didn’t get a response so we were in the lap of the Gods. The ocean was covered in white caps so spotting a cruising white whale now became very difficult. Big breaches and splashes where the whales main locating device. The wind had picked up to a strong 18 knots NW wind and on the side with most of the sail out we were flying and leaning right over. Crashes came from down below and things not secured went flying everywhere. This all added to the excitement of being so close to the icon of the east coast whale migration and symbol of the great changing times we are in. I do a quick piece to camera about the white animals and their significant at these critical times. The legend of Jeedarra the White Whale from the Mirrning Tribe in SA The White Buffalo of the Hopi Legend the White Dolphin recently captured in the Cove and now in a sea museum in Taiji in Japan. All these White animals and more are being born in these recent crazy times. What is there message. I aim to find out. (read more about my new film “ The Whale Whisperers” )

A quick look at the navionics app on my I phone to check distance time and current coarse and with the Sun going down I decide its time to head towards Brunswick Heads and some big splashes I can see in the distance our last chance to see migaloo. We passed at least 15 pods and around 35 whales over the day many doing huge breaches tail slaps and pec flaps it was like a huge party or celebration. I’ve never seen anything like it around the Byron region in my 15 years of observation. This splashing in the distance would be our last pod to check if migaloo was amongst them. Fortunately it was right on route to Brunswick. As we sailed closer directly into the bright setting sun and reflections off the ocean all we could see was the dark silhouetted shape of a huge whale throwing its 20 ton body into the air then entering the water world again with a huge thud. Is it white I would scream at anyone looking. Cant tell its silhouetted was the reply. Now only 3 kl from the Brunswick River mouth and sun nearly down right at my beam and now with the sun slightly behind me I saw the huge white whale launch itself high into the air. With the grace of a ballerina this 20 ton animal did a little twist at the apex of his flight into the air world so as to land flat on his back on the water with a massive thump and double splash. MIGALOOOOO I screamed at the top of my voice and pointed in the direction of the splash. I could hardly believe my eyes. What has just been videos filmed from helicopters or photographs on a webs site was now for the shortest of moments in my world in front of my eyes. Like God revealing him/herself for just and instant Migaloo appeared like a flash of white light from the ocean. My heart pumping like I was running a marathon excitement elation fulfillment ahhhhhhh I could feel that migaloo felt Migaloo 2s presence. He would have know people where on board so he was aware of us. Was he aware of us individually? Did he know the boat was named after him? Did he know how possessed by whales I am? I believe whales are telepathic creatures so anything is possible. Had I already have gone through the telepathic training I am preparing myself for to make my next doco called “The Whale Whisperers” I may have picked up a message from this iconic whale yet my being and head was so full of excitement adrenalin and elation I simply surrendered into these feeling and that of gratitude for this amazing encounter.

I lay quietly on the back deck after dropping anchor in the Brunswick Harbor as the last pink clouds faded to grey absorbing the encounter yet like and addict wanting more. Next time I dreamed in a quite and relaxing atmosphere maybe by a small island in the Great Barrier Reef after my telepathic training or with a professional Animal Communicator. What would he say?

Campaign Launch for Migaloo 2 for 2014.

Come celebrate the Campaign Launch for Migaloo 2 for 2014. I will be showing some short films I’ve shot on Migaloo 2 with the whales over the last years. Martin the cameraman on this migaloo encounter day is editing a short film up of the day as well. Also Ill show a short inspiring film on The Bentley Blockade I shot over the last 2 months out there. Other Shorts include recent activities of the Sea Shepherds in the Antarctic, Sharks, Promo clip of my new film “ The Whale Whisperers”  and more…

Talks by Dean Jefferys   Howie Cooke  Surfers For Cetaceans (S4C) Nicole McLachlan  Friends of India, Giving it Back Stop Shark Cull QLD Rep from CSG  Music by Darpan and friends. It will be a Victory Celebration for everything we have achieved for future generations and other species.


This is also the launch of my crowd funding campaign for  my new film “ The Whale Whisperers”  see


At Kulcha Jam 1 Acacia St Byron Industrial Estate Saturday 28th June 5pm $10 Chai and Food available

This event will be Live Streamed from from 5pm onward

I’ve just posted my Migaloo 2 newsletter July 2014 * covering important issues

The International Court of Justice,  A victory against Japanese Whaling

* Bentley Coal Seam Gas Blockade victory

* My New Doco “The Whale Whisperers” and Crowd Funding campaign Celebration

* Migaloo 2 Gets ready to join the Humpback whale migration to sail to the Great Barrier Reef.

* Migaloo 2 Campaign Launch 2014 Films, Music, Talks.


To see this newsletter click the following link.

Feel free to share this newsletter and invite friends to this migaloo 2 launch. Here is the URL of the launch if you want to post it on your wall.

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