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Gasfield Free Northern Rivers, declared

7-8000 inspired and inspiring people gathered in Lismore yesterday on a day we affirmed the power to the people again, declared the Northern Rivers Gas Field Free and exposed the illusion that Government had control of what happens to the earth. Now the 4 enterances to the northern rivers supported by their local council will have these huge signs declaring a Gasfield Free Northern Rivers.


This is a Strong message to everyone and the existing and emerging political system that this is how it is now and forever more and they and the dieing fossil fuel industries have to fall into line with what the people want. A message on the day to assist in the management of this decision is to vote from one down on the ballet paper in the coming state election with Greens or Labor first and putting Nationals last. To see the 40 min video i made on Bentley click the link  in the second paragraph of my website and Facebook album


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