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Shark net Rally. People plan to swim under the nets.

Ballina Shire has asked the DPI to install 5 shark nets over the next 6 months as part of another 6 month trial. The shark nets were installed today, 2 days before the rally and paddle out on the 25th Nov. We urgently need to encourage all levels of government to not install/remove these marine killing nets. We also need to show that we do not consent to these nets that have killed over 140 marine creatures durring the last 6 month trial and that there are more effective non lethal alternatives.


remove shark nets

The plan is to meet on the beach in front of Lennox Head surf club at midday ~ Saturday 25th Nov~ and spell out some large words with bodies and boards then paddle out to the Shark nets that are planned to be about 300 meters off shore. Those who feel confident and with masks and fins can then swim under the shark nets that go down about 5 meters. This will help dispel the fallacy that the nets are a total barrier and that sharks, like humans, can swim under the nets.

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