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Whaling to end in Antarctic

Im not sure whether to laugh or cry. Today Japan officially announced it is going to withdraw from the International Whaling Commission, IWC and commence commercial whaling. Read Paul Watson s post below and the news paper article attached to get more info and perspective. In Japans statement they say they will not hunt and kill any whales in the Antarctic oceans. I celebrate that the harpoons will no longer explode in these majestic creatures in the southern oceans and the southern ocean whale sanctuary may become a reality. Yet Japan can be a deceiving renegade nation as we saw when the International Court of Justice, ICJ, ruled that japans whaling was illegal and they had to stop. We celebrated thinking no more whales would be killed in the Antarctic. In responce to the ICJ ruling Japan just said they would not recognize the highest court on Earth and went to the antarctic anyway and continued to kill whales. They may decide that the whales around Japan are too contaminated with radioactive waste from fukushima that they soon return to the antarctic to continue murdering whales. So as I take a deep breath and recognize the efforts of everyone and

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