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Shark Net Protest at Quicksilver Pro Surfing comp 2019

Channel 9 news and courrier mail covered the shark net protest at tweed today. Felt good to speak on behalf of the whales to choose love and respect for life over fear and killing.

Media Release 5-4-2019 Shark Net Protest at Quicksilver Pro Surfing comp Coolangatta

Members of Northern NSW and QLD marine conservation groups will converge on the Quiksilver Pro Surfing competition tomorrow, Saturday 6th April, at Coolangatta at midday Qld time, (1 pm NSW time) to hold up banners, asking for the removal of shark nets and to spread awareness on non lethal and more effective alternatives.

Last Tuesday 2nd April, the QLD Administrative Appeals Tribunal found that scientific evidence about “the lethal component” of the shark control program “overwhelmingly” showed it does not reduce the risk of unprovoked shark attacks.

Co-ordinator of the protest, Dean Jefferys said ”In light of the recent findings by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, we are calling on the Qld Government to abandon its lethal shark control measures, such as shark nets and drum lines, and replace it with the more effective non lethal alternatives.”

“We are very happy the shark net trails have been abandoned off Ballina due to public opposition

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Tribunal rules to remove Shark Drum lines in the GBR


Hey this is a critical time to write or ring the Premier of QLD to help the sharks. Below is the letter I just wrote and a bit from HSI. You can click the link below and copy and past my or similar letter onto it. Looks like 100s of drum lines have to be removed in the GBR and Qld Gov is trying to appeal the courts decision….

“I want the QLD Gov to accept the Administrative Appeals Tribunal’s ruling to remove Shark Drum lines in the GBR in QLD and to embrace a completely non-lethal approach to shark control in the Great Barrier Reef and all of QLD. The Tribunal said the evidence that killing sharks makes no difference to swimmer safety was ‘overwhelming’. Today’s non-lethal technology is more effective at protecting swimmers and should be the way forward for Queensland. Give a drone to every Surf club. Surely it will be bad for tourism in QLD and the GBR when overseas tourist become aware that you are needlessly killing the apex predator of the reef that keeps the GBR healthy and they are no safer for it. I will certainly be spreading awareness over seas through

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