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Mick Fanning not “Attacked” by shark. Shark nets no answer. Lobby contacts

Mick Fanning wasn’t “Attacked” by a shark he punched a shark during an encounter while surfing the final at Jefferys Bay. This shark that was probably 3-4 meters and could have bitten and killed Mick if it wanted to as he was in the water swimming without his board for about 15 seconds. My feeling [...]

Gasfield Free Northern Rivers, declared

7-8000 inspired and inspiring people gathered in Lismore yesterday on a day we affirmed the power to the people again, declared the Northern Rivers Gas Field Free and exposed the illusion that Government had control of what happens to the earth. Now the 4 enterances to the northern rivers supported by their local council will [...]

Gathering for Dolphin and Whale freedom.

Media Release 17-9-2014

Gathering in Hervey Bay for Dolphin and Whale freedom.

As the International Whaling Commission (IWC) gets underway this week in Slovenia and as Japan commits its first Dolphin kill in Taiji, there will be a gathering with banners on Wednesday 17th at 12.30 at the unused harpoon in Urangan boat harbor to [...]

Another whale dies in shark nets

Media Release 22- 7- 14. Marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2 warns of more whale deaths in shark nets…

Migaloo 2 and crew. Remove shark nets

Marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2 sailed from Byron bay to the Gold Coast last week holding up banners off Snapper Rocks shark nets saying that shark nets need to [...]

Migaloo 2 meets Migaloo off Byron

Migaloo 2 meets Migaloo off Byron

Still recovery after a truly EPIC day sailing off the Byron Coast yesterday (Monday 23rd July) in Migaloo 2 where I fulfilled a ten year dream of meeting Migaloo the White Humpback Whale.


I calculated Migaloo’s expected ETA in Byron from sightings in Eden and Sydney and [...]

Migaloo 2 Newsletter July 2014

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Migaloo 2 Newsletter July 2014, Whales-Japan, Bentley, New Doco, Launch + more Migaloo 2, Ready to Sail with the Whales 2014 by Dean JefferysSo many momentous events happened recently and about to happen concerning whales and the enviroment it must be time for a newsletter to make [...]


PATHWAY TO WHALE FREEDOM by Dean Jefferys 4-4-2014

While watching the International Court of Justice, ICJ, give its verdict that meant the Japanese whalers would no longer be shooting exploding harpoons into my whale friends in the Antarctic I screamed so loud I though someone might call the police. For over 10 years myself and [...]

Japanese whalers told to stop killing whales. ICJ

Japanese whalers have been told to fuck off and stop killing whales in the Antarctic (not exactly in those words) by the highest court on this planet the . This is a major victory for the whales and a huge step forward in humanities evolution. I also just heard that police may not be going [...]

MEDIA RELEASE 29-8 2013 Ceremony for Dolphin and Whale Freedom Sep 1 in Hervey Bay

Media release 29-8 2013

Ceremony for Dolphin and Whale Freedom Sep 1 in Hervey Bay

Representatives from the Butchula Nation from Fraser Island will sail with marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2 on Sunday 1st of September to participate in a global action and ceremony for dolphin freedom. This event will be Live Streamed on [...]

Another Whale tangled up in Shark nets

Another whale caught in shark nets yesterday 24th aug. Contact minister on FB to tell him its time for the shark nets to go. and Please remove shark nets. They are killing whales and dolphins

Whale tangled in shark net Hervey BAy 18th Aug

Following is a link to a news story [...]