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Migaloo 2 Newsletter July 2014

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Migaloo 2 Newsletter July 2014, Whales-Japan, Bentley, New Doco, Launch + more Migaloo 2, Ready to Sail with the Whales 2014 by Dean JefferysSo many momentous events happened recently and about to happen concerning whales and the enviroment it must be time for a newsletter to make [...]


PATHWAY TO WHALE FREEDOM by Dean Jefferys 4-4-2014

While watching the International Court of Justice, ICJ, give its verdict that meant the Japanese whalers would no longer be shooting exploding harpoons into my whale friends in the Antarctic I screamed so loud I though someone might call the police. For over 10 years myself and [...]

Japanese whalers told to stop killing whales. ICJ

Japanese whalers have been told to fuck off and stop killing whales in the Antarctic (not exactly in those words) by the highest court on this planet the . This is a major victory for the whales and a huge step forward in humanities evolution. I also just heard that police may not be going [...]

MEDIA RELEASE 29-8 2013 Ceremony for Dolphin and Whale Freedom Sep 1 in Hervey Bay

Media release 29-8 2013

Ceremony for Dolphin and Whale Freedom Sep 1 in Hervey Bay

Representatives from the Butchula Nation from Fraser Island will sail with marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2 on Sunday 1st of September to participate in a global action and ceremony for dolphin freedom. This event will be Live Streamed on [...]

Another Whale tangled up in Shark nets

Another whale caught in shark nets yesterday 24th aug. Contact minister on FB to tell him its time for the shark nets to go. and Please remove shark nets. They are killing whales and dolphins

Whale tangled in shark net Hervey BAy 18th Aug

Following is a link to a news story [...]

Ceremony for Dolphin Freedom Sep 1 Live Streamed

Join us in spirit, physically or in cyberspace in Ceremony and to celebrate Dolphin Freedom on Sep 1st at 11 am This event will be Live Streamed on this page and at from 11 am onwards. We will be doing ceremony with local indigenous people of Fraser island from conservation yacht migaloo 2 and [...]

Migaloo 2 Newsletter

Click the following link to see our first newsletter from Hervey Bay with the whales

Migaloo 2 Newsletter – Sailing the Winds of Change 2013

Migaloo 2, 2013 Launch, Films, Music,Talks, Live Stream,

Kulcha Jam Sunday 30th June 5 PM $15 One Acacia St Byron Industrial Estate. Come celebrate the safe return of our cousins from the ocean the whales and also join me in this year’s campaign launch of marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2. Migaloo 2 will be sailing north with the Humpback whale migration [...]

James Price Point Gas hub stopped

James Price Point solidarity smoking cerimony

Yiipppeeeee. Just heard a report on the ABC that Woodside petrolium was about to make an announcement that they are going to pull out of constructing the huge Gas hub development at James Price Point in the Kimberlies. Congratulations to everyone who worked and gave energy to creating [...]

Support Paul Watson stop Japans extradition

Time to support Paul Watson getting permanent residency/citizenship and an Australian Passport and stop Japans extradition attempt. Following are email contacts for Australian Politicians definitely worth an email, around byron email and Tony Bourke plus PM and others. In response to The Australian Federal Police who are expected to raid the Sea [...]