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is the white Humpback whale that can somtimes be spotted off the eastern Australian coast as he migrates with his familly from Antarctic waters to Hervey Bay in southern Queensland.  Migaloo 2 is a 45 ft fiberglass yacht dedicated to raising awareness on critical issues facing whales, dolphins and the marine environment.
Limitless as they may seem, the Oceans of planet Earth are in deep trouble. They need our help, and raising awareness of the problem is the first step. Whales and Dolphins are amazing conscious beings with a long history of interacting in friendship with Humans. Many of our tribal peoples say that if they become extinct, there is a good chance that Humans will follow close behind. Helping to finance or publicize the work of Migaloo2 will help the whales and dolphins swim free in clean oceans!

Who is Migaloo2 and whats planned?
Migaloo 2 is skippered by Dean Jefferys who has been on the front line for human rights and the environment for decades.
In recent years he has been mostly campaigning for the survival of the Humpback Whales – perhaps the greatest musicians of the Oceans. It is appalling that in a time like this some people are continuing to hunt Whales and Dolphins for no reason but their own inhumanity. Dean has participated in direct non-violent actions at Japanese Embassies to protest their ‘scientific research’ that slaughters hundreds of Whales each year. He is often in front of the news cameras confronting politicians and businessmen with their responsibility to do something in the face of such criminality.  Migaloo 2 is a completely independent yet Dean works closely with other marine conservation groups like Sea Shepherd and Surfers 4 Cetaceans.

A word from Dean Jefferys about what is planned for 2012

“SAILING THE WINDS OF CHANGE 2012 AND BEYOND” is a carefully thought out strategy to effect change by: Networking with existing groups, raise issues and Spread information though our own online media and traditional media outlets. Organise direct actions to challange various threats now occurring or planned to occur against the environment and its inhabitants, eg, shark nets and dolphin captivity- Gold Coast, Brisbane -Norweigan consulate, Noosa- CSG, Gladstone- CSG dredging near GBR, Shark finning. Lobby directly to the global decision makers through our easy one click forms on our website (still to set up). Make a documentary or TV series. How much funding we get depends how well these strategies can be implemented. If you want to see some of the actions Ive organised and filmed see my  youtube site at

What can you do to help ?
Migaloo2 is in urgent need of funds for repairs and preparation eg another mainsail, 12 vt fridge, repairs to mast and motor,  and then for the ongoing support to run the campaign for the next 5 months so if you are able to make even a small donation to help support her work that would be wonderful !

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Too see the live interview Dean did with Sea Shepherd, Paul Watson from Germany at the Launch of Migaloo 2  in Byron Bay click play in the window below or see it on migaloo 2 main page