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James Price Point Gas hub stopped

 James Price Point solidarity smoking cerimony

James Price Point solidarity smoking cerimony

Yiipppeeeee. Just heard a report on the ABC that Woodside petrolium was about to make an announcement that they are going to pull out of constructing the huge Gas hub development at James Price Point in the Kimberlies. Congratulations to everyone who worked and gave energy to creating this result. This are is also a breeding area for humpback whales and this is a great victory for all the whales that will be born in this wilderness area. woooooohhooooooo See the clip of the James Price Point solidarity smoking cerimony we did on migaloo 2 with Goombalar in hervey bay

Support Paul Watson stop Japans extradition

Time to support Paul Watson getting permanent residency/citizenship and an Australian Passport and stop Japans extradition attempt. Following are email contacts for Australian Politicians definitely worth an email, around byron email and Tony Bourke plus PM and others.
In response to The Australian Federal Police who are expected to raid the Sea Shepherd ships on their return to Australia, please voice your support for Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd crews and request they be welcomed back to port as heroes. Email contacts: and twitter addresses here:
Photo: In response to The Australian Federal Police who are expected to raid the Sea Shepherd ships on their return to Australia, please voice your support for Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd crews and request they be welcomed back to port as heroes. Email contacts:  petitions and twitter addresses here:

For some ideas here is a letter from a Sea Shepherd supporter

Dear Prime Minister,
I am writing to you to plead with you for the safe passage of Captain Paul Watson, to arrest this man would be a travesty of justice, look at all the good he has done in his 40+ years of dedication and service to the oceans has saved countless lives in those 40 years, this whole Red Notice against him is solely politically and financially motivated. If you arrest him and he is sent to Japan you know he will die custody because can you honestly say that the Yakuza will not kill him while he is behind bars? You and I both know what he represents to the Japanese Whaling Industry and how desperate they would be to silence him forever, he was, is and always will be the heart and soul of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, he is our leader and our Captain, h e deserves to be free, please, please I am imploring you to not hand him over to the enemy, I beg you to feel my urgency, my passion for the organization I am a part of,the man who is our leader and without him Sea Shepherd would not have been born, nor our oceans be safe from the relentless raping of it by whalers, please do the right thing and grant Captain Paul Watson asylum and safe passage to Australia.

Migaloo 2 returns after 7 months Sailing Winds of Change

Sailing the Winds of Change 2012 and Beyond on Migaloo 2

Me and Migaloo 2

Me and Migaloo 2

As my body slowly reabsorbs the adrenalin secreted during this mornings hairy bar crossing at my home port of Brunswick I reflect on the past 7 month marine conservation campaign journey “Sailing the Winds of Change 2012 and Beyond” on Migaloo 2. Migaloo 2 is a 45 ft fiberglass ketch bought 3 years ago by Ray Thorpe the founder of the Happy Herb Company with the plan it be used for raising awareness on marine conservation issues.

I left Brunswick in July 2012 with an aim to sail to the Solar eclipse in Cairns and do port shows actions, media, filming, live streaming, social networking and connect with marine conservation groups and whales and marine life along the way. First stop SeaWorld.

I anchored Migaloo 2 next to SeaWorld and projected “The Cove” movie about the slaughter and capture of wild dolphins in Japan onto the sails of Migaloo 2 and met with the Gold Coast Sea Shepherd group. The next day a baby humpback whale was caught in shark nets right out front on the Gold Coast. It was cut loose by SeaWorld yet died soon after. SeaWorld decline to come to the screening and refused to condemn the shark nets or other SeaWorld companies for using wild captured cetaceans. Determined to raise the issue of the indiscriminate killing of marine life in shark nets and the ill guided fear campaign on sharks I met with some Noosa crew and organized a protest/ceremony next to the shark nets at Noosa for all the deaths these nets cause.

Next was my old stomping ground of Hervey Bay where I’ve been playing with, filming and listening to, whales over the last eight years. The Kimberley mob that are defending their land and sea against a huge gas development at James Price Point in WA, which is also a whale nursery, organized a smoking ceremony to happen at the same time around the world to ask for respect and bring awareness to the issue. I invited representatives of the local Butchala people and their kids onto Migaloo 2 to do the ceremony. Elders and kids sung and played didgeridoo and did ceremony and the whales came to us and joined in, in solidarity. Some of the kids had never seen a whale before and were deeply touched.

I also invited some friends to join Migaloo 2 in Hervey Bay who played didgeridoo or toned so as to find a common language. The interaction and connection this year with the whales was absolutely astounding.  One glass off sunset saw two young humpback whales circle Migaloo 2 for almost an hour rolling belly up, spy hoping to look at us, eye to eye and I’m sure one repeated back to me “I love you” through his blow hole. We were virtually speechless for days after that encounter and the video of this interspecies communication went viral on Face book. was not the only amazing encounters to happen. People where left with jaws open holding their heart all over Hervey Bay. A group of Japanese people who where invited by local musician Kevin James, to come and experience the whales were equally blown away and I trust will bring the new awareness of the magnificence of whales back to Japan to contribute to the change in consciousness which is occurring now in Japan to respect cetaceans freedom.

The time came to do some solo sailing in Migaloo 2, which I reluctantly embraced. Without an auto pilot and unable to leave the wheel for more than 15 seconds I had to get everything ready at the beginning of the day which often included 10 hours (and once 25 hours) of non stop sailing in often rough conditions. Ten days later when Ray Thorpe offered me a ride overland to the Eclipse, I surrendered to not sailing to Cairns and left Migaloo 2 tied up securely in the Whitsundays. Before heading to the Eclipse festival I found myself at a multicultural Elders gathering on aboriginal land near Cairns. Magic and deep sharings happened there for a week yet I was determined to get inland to the large week long festival where I also had a presentation to give and was assured a clearer view of the Eclipse. Witnessing the total Eclipse of the sun by the moon was an experience like no other. As I saw the diamond like flashes shooting from behind the moon the only comparison of emotion I could think of was swimming with a mother and baby whale in Tonga. My heart was blown wide open again in the shear awe and magnificence of feeling clearly our place on this Earth and our relationship with other main players in this amazing solar system. It was surely nature in her grandest expression.

Returning to Migaloo 2 I explored the beauty of the Witsundays and the Outer Barrier Reef. Anchoring 60 miles from the mainland and without any land insight we dropped anchor in what appeared to be pristine Outer Barrier Reef with abundant fish life. I snorkeled through some amazing crevasse’s and caves astounded by its clarity and beauty. I was also stunned at my ability to extend my underwater time, having taken a few lessons from my nephew who is a free diving marine conservationist who by the way also spears fish to eat sustainably, but that’s another story.

I sailed solo again to Yepoon where I met Ginny from KAFTA who is preventing coal export terminal development in the Fitzroy River Delta. Ginny told me how the dredging of 10 million out of the proposed 40 million tons has already caused major environmental problems like fish, turtle and dolphin kills as well as wide spread contamination in the food chain. She said if coal port expansion continues as planned there will be four times as many coal cargo ships traveling through the Great Barrier Reef over the next 20 years which poses a great risk to the reef in the case of a collision. I sailed into Gladstone Harbor and was shocked at the level of construction going on on Curtis Island that is planned to be a huge CSG hub and Coal Port extension. I was also stunned to witness a huge dredging cargo ship dump its toxic load 5 miles out to sea, less than 30 miles from the Great Barrier Reef and 50 miles from Lady Musgrove where we swam with manta rays and turtles.

Migaloo 2, my car and me just managed to avoid the recent floods unharmed, dodging rising rivers and tornados in Bundaberg, and rough seas and dangerous bar crossings sailing south since then.

As I was approaching the Brunswick Bar this morning I thought what would be the main message I would take home from this amazing journey. There is so much going on on so many levels. What can I and other people do?

Sit, swim, or walk quietly within nature, become inspired and empowered, act, when you feel a pull in your guts and when you do act, act from a place of seeing it restored to balance and not from fear of its destruction, visualize and believe in the desired result, take personal responsibility for what you eat, consume less, live lightly, be the change you want to see and if you love life, don’t cross the Brunswick bar an hour after king tide.

I am currently editing “Sailing the Winds of Change” that will be screened locally soon. For more information, to join the mailing list and to see video clips of the trip see

Sea Shepherd Ships rammed by Japanese whalers

Nisshin Maru rams the Bob Barker into the
Sun Laurel – photo: Tim Watterspherd

Nisshin Maru rams the Bob Barker into the  Sun Laurel - photo: Tim Watterspherd

Nisshin Maru rams the Bob Barker into the Sun Laurel - photo: Tim Watterspherd

Australia has successfully blocked a third attempt to refuel the Japanese whaling fleet, which is illegally operating in contravention of an Australian Federal Court ruling prohibiting whaling in Australian Antarctic Territory.  During the process, Captain Tomoyuki Ogawa of the whale butchering ship Nisshin Maru rammed the Sea Shepherd Ships Bob Barker and Sam Simon.

During the previous night, the Korean-owned, Panamanian-flagged fuel tanker Sun Laurel and the Nisshin Maru headed due south through waters peppered with large growlers and icebergs at 12 knots in the darkness without searchlights.  The Sun Laurel is not an ice-classed ship and it is now 420 miles South of Sixty Degrees with their illegal cargo of heavy fuel oil, HFO.

Accompanying the Sun Laurel was the Sam Simon, flanked by the armed security ship, Shonan Maru No. 2and the Yushin Maru No. 3.  The Nisshin Maru was being tailed by the Steve Irwin and Bob Barker, with the two remaining harpoon ships of the Japanese whale poaching fleet in tow. There were six ships with the whalers and three with Sea Shepherd.

At 2:00 AEDT, the two parties met up and the three agile Yushin Maru harpoon ships began to trail propeller fouling lines while crossing the bows of the Sea Shepherd ships.  The Bob Barker took and held position to the port side of the Sun Laurel to block the refuelling of the Nisshin Maru, and held the position as the Nisshin Marutwice approached and caused collisions between itself, the Bob Barker and the Sun Laurel.

The Nisshin Maru sandwiched the Bob Barker between the two massive ships, and in the turbulence of the combined wake, the Bob Barker was slammed back and forth between the Nisshin Maru and the fuel tankerSun Laurel at 1448 AEDT and 1516 AEDT.

The Nisshin Maru shot its high-powered water cannons down the exhaust vents of the Steve IrwinBob Barker, and Sam Simon, attempting to flood their engines.  All engine rooms suffered heavy flooding, but no mechanical failures.

The Nisshin Maru launched “flash bang” concussion grenades towards the Bob Barker, one of which struck and exploded on the Sun Laurel, leaving a black smolder mark.

The Steve Irwin’s water cannons were engaged and the Sea Shepherd crew was instructed not to aim them at any people on the poaching vessels.

In their last feeble attempt to reach the Sun Laurel, the Nisshin Maru turned into the Sam Simon, causing hull damage along most of the port side of the ship and smashing their satellite communications dome.  After ramming the Sam Simon, the Nisshin Maru turned away from the Sun Laurel at 1720 AEDT, and the Sun Laurelpacked up their crane and fenders for the day.

In a dramatic turn of events, the six ships are currently being approached by a massive Japanese Naval ship. The Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force vessel Shirase (MMSI #: 431999533) is an icebreaker, designated as type ‘Military Ops’.  It carries approximately 250 crew and three helicopters. It is 12,500 tons, 138 metres and can do 15 knots.  Its last known port was Fremantle.

Regarding the Shirase, former Australia Environment Minister, Ian Campbell, says, “This summer this vessel was in Freemantle, West Australia. Now it’s assisting in the Japanese whaling fleet in its illegal operations. It should be banned from all Australian ports from now on.”

Despite numerous requests from Sea Shepherd as well as political forces, Australia has not sent a ship to monitor activities here in the Australian Antarctic Territory, but an armed Japanese war ship is arriving imminently to defend a whaling operation that is in contempt of the Australian Federal Court and a tanker that is illegally in these waters with heavy fuel oil and operating in a dangerous manner.

Director of Sea Shepherd Australia, Jeff Hansen, states, “Back in December of 2007, like the Shirase, theShonan Maru No. 2 was granted permission to dock in Fremantle by the Australian Government, who stated that it was not part of the whaling fleet. Then in January 2010, the same vessel, the Shonan Maru No. 2, went on to ram and destroy the New Zealand registered vessel the Ady Gil. Australian diplomats were quick to absolve Japanese whalers of blame, telling the U.S. Embassy in Canberra the Japanese would ‘come away clean’ from any investigation. Effectively, we expect that once again, Japan will come away clean from any Australian investigation into these recent, blatant ramming attempts by the massive factory whaling ship, theNisshin Maru. What effectively is happening is that the Australian Government is giving Japan the green light to do what ever it wants in endangering the lives of Sea Shepherd’s international crew in Australia’s Antarctic Territory.”

For more info see these links

The End of Japanese Whaling after whalers ram Sea Shepherd


Press release by the sea Shepherd about the japanese whalers ramming their ships and some incredible photos. some good news this will mean the end of japanese whaling. Its a bit like Gandhis march on the salt mines. see  abc story just in Japan halts whale hunt after Sea Shepherd clashes. 

Sea Shepherd Ship the Bob Barker Blockading illegal refueling of the Nisshin Maru

Sea Shepherd Ship the Bob Barker Blockading illegal refueling of the Nisshin Maru

 Please Send an email to and Tony Bourke Ask Australia sends Navy or customs ships immediately to the Antarctic to keep the peace, restore Australian sovereignty over its Antarctic waters and prevent a devastating oil spill there and enforce Australian and international law to stop illegal whaling. for more info see and like and

Migaloo 2 nearly home, Dramas on the high Seas

Just had andn amazing 2 weeks with my kids Jasmin and Sage and 2 friends Nikki and Ant at Lady musgrove and Gurrie Frazer island and a few dramas at Noosa on the way back to Brunswick when a steering cable snapped and nearly got caught in Gale force winds and huge seas. Read on and check pictures at my Face book link album bellow.

Swimming with manta rays off Lady Musgave island

Swimming with manta rays off Lady Musgave island

Having fun at Lady Musgrove Island from Hard to believe the government allows companies that are dredging Gladstone harbour for Coal and CSG expansion to dump their toxic sludge in the ocean less than 50 miles away from this paradise see pics at

Went to Moon Point on the edge of Hervey Bay. Very different without my whale friends here. I trust they will alll return safely. Thanks Sea Shepherd. Sailing through the sandy straights for Noosa and Brisbane tomorrow. RIpped the mainsail again after an epic 20 hour sail From Lady Musgrove yesterday. Stiched it back up again today/ Now less than a week away from completing this epic 6 month journey on marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2. Just posted some pictures on my FB page having fun at Lady Musgrove Island from Hard to believe the government allows companies that are dredging Gladstone harbour for Coal and CSG expansion to dump their toxic sludge in the ocean less than 50 miles away from this paradise. By Dean Jefferys (on board marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2 in the Great Barrier Reef)

Had a great sail along the sandy straights today. Even hit 8 kts in migaloo2. Well did have some tidal flow help and 20 kts on the side. Lost ant and Nikki so it’s just me and the kids sailing from rainbow beach to Brisbane Nice 15 kt easterly predicted for the next 3 days so should get close to home. Trusting my main sail stitching will hold for just a few more days. Just have to reenforce some more rips before I crash for the night. Up at 4 to catch the tide out the wide bay bar. Moons shining over glassy waters. Ripples tickle frazer gurrie island.

Wow yet another intense day sailing both physically and mentally Woke after a rocky night anchored off noosa to a new sound like whales singing but it was a free swinging rudder. A stearing cable had snapped in the night and there we were floating with no means off steering with a gale and huge swell less than a day away. Quick assessment. Can’t fix. Call coast guard to get towed into the river. Alas not enough water over the bar and no steering ruled out that option. Must fix it and sail to moloolabar before 7 pm. 22 miles 4 hours if I push it. Pressure is on. Noosa Coast delivered and great mechanic to migaloo 2 and under extreme conditions of rocking and torrential rain by 3 pm I was motor sailing in 20 kts rain and building sea to moloolabar to cross the bar in daylight. With the main sail held together by tape and rope I didn’t dare put that up so it was up to what was left up to Mizen and gib sail to get me there. Well putting up the gib it ripped 3 meters yet I needed it up for stability and speed so I furled most of it in pushed the peddle to the metal and made it through the bar just as the sun was setting. Behind the rain Unfortunately I just heard friend basera wasn’t so lucky and the same storm has already hit airly beach and his is one of many boats that has been claimed by the ocean. Yes the sea can be like a flower and a dragon. Bit like women. Maybe that’s why we keep sailing.

Yes need new sails, just wanna get home to Brunswick but looks like ill be stuck here in the marina till weather calms. Could be a lot worse. Many thanks to the Sea Angels that came to my and migaloo 2 s rescue. Noosa Coast Guard, Jacko and Mark at Breakaway marine noosa and my mother Nola Jefferys who drove all the way up from Brisbane to pick up the kids when things went awol and Ray Thorpe for paying half the bill (oppps, does he know that yet) Also my thoughts go to Basera Clegg who was not as lucky and is in a different reality to me at this moment.

Mayan 2012 Summer solstice Ritual

solstice love mandala

solstice love mandala

Mayan 2012 Summer solstice Ritual Byron Bay

Happy Quantum leap 2013.Weather predictions for Cyclone Freda stopped me going to Lady musgrave in migaloo 2 this week. Ill try again next week if the weathers good. Sailing the winds of change 2012 and beyond has been huge sailng to witsundays and then onto the eclipse. See some of the adventure and issues covered on my youtube link below. I recorded this 15 min clip before during and after the Summer solstice on Dec 21st 2012. Whether you believe in Mayan prophecies or not the mere fact that millions around the world gathered and visualized a better world has to mean that change will happen on some level. I feel blessed to have a full belly, time a roof and to have the freedom to sit with friends in a safe environment to do this. May these birth rites extend across the world to all beings. May peace, love and compassion rule.

Eclipse climax to Sailing 2012 and Beyond


Eclipse Elders Gathering at Yarrabar

Eclipse Elders Gathering at Yarrabar

Woow what an amazing climax to Sailing 2012 and Beyond journey to experience to experience the total eclipse of the Sun near cairns. OMG and its still going on. The feeling of seeing the corona of the light of the sun around the moon was like seeing ligh

t refracted through dimonds. Hard to know the true and far reaching impact of this event yet mesuring it in my body it was a similar reaction to swimming with whales or having a very close encounter with them. Truely heart exploding. With 21st dec comming as well, well i really do believe anything is possible and probable. Currently anchored off Airlie beach about to head to the outer reef with my free diving nephew Lucus and friends to explore the outer barrier reef and the amazing sea creatures that live there and also continue my exploration of important issues threatning this world heritage wilderness. Getting some amazing footage for my doco.

Migaloo 2 hits Whitsunday Islands + Update

Migaloo 2 hits Whitsunday Islands + Update

Im relaxing into the reality that I wont get to Cairns in time for the eclipse and my presentation at the festival in migaloo 2. Although ive had an amazing time sailing solo yepoon to the Whitsundays, 8-10 hours at the wheel each day for a week without an auto pilot was hard work, nice, but quite taxing. How did Jessica Watson do it for 9 months? Also I realised I was so stuffed at the end of the day and usually away from good internet connection so my other strategy of net working and internet streaming was not happening. So Ive decided to leave migaloo 2 in the whitsundays and catch a road ride to the eclipse and bring my networking gear with me on the road. Ill stream some highlights of the festival and the eclipse then come back and continue the journey south on migaloo 2 and catch up with some issues i had to rush passed on my northern journey. As I sailed into the whitsundays i had to dodge a coal carrying ship that looked at least half a kilometer long. I have read that if all the coal ports in QLD are approved and CSG expanssion continues as planned there is proposed to be an increase in these ship numbers times 4 in the next 20 years. Ive seen how whales rest on the surface and feed their young. Ship striking whales and ship collision and grounding accident are sure to worsen with disastrous consequences for the GBR. In Yepoon I did an interview with Ginny  Gerlack, from the Keppel and Fitsroy Delta Alliance who are stopping some bad coal port development in the area. Ill upload that clip soon. I just uploaded some new pics of the journey so far on my FB site

Following are some blogs  I wrote of the trip so far  sailing solo from Yepoon also see my FB site.
Thomas Island Whitsundays

Thomas Island Whitsundays

Sitting in Keppel bay marina waiting for the winds to drop below 25 knots and to get my auto pilot working. Heading out 6 am tomorrow. Im a little suprised no crew have jumped at the opportunity to join me and migaloo 2 saiing the Witsunday

s. Looks like ill be sailing migaloo 2 by myself maybe without an auto pilot into my uncharted waters. Bit of an initiation I guess. Below is a clip thanking my supporters along with some amazing whale contact from this year in Hervey bay and from tonga. Thanks supporters
Now in duke islands while tuna eat bait fish around migsloo2 Another big sail/motor and 43 miles closer to cairns Another big se wind coming tomorrow so should get some good carbon free miles in. This solo sailing in my uncharted waters is something else. Hard to imaging nine months of it without dropping an anchor or motoring. Woooow Time to catch up on some maintenance reef the main sail and get ready for three days of 15 to 25 knots sailing migaloo2 I’m next to Shoal water bay and was warned on the radio to sail clear of it as they are currently doing war games. I was here in 2007 for the peace convergence protest while USA army and navey here playing and using sonar that harm the whales. Such different realities exist and express themselves on this magic planet ocean
Currently sailing at five knots planning to get to cerlew island before 25 knots hit. Don’t enjoy the idea of pulling down the sails and anchoring in 25 without an auto pilot. All good sun and lure out heaps of mackerel jumping all around
Well its good to pay fine attention to the weather forcast when your sailing. I just sneeked into a safe anchorage on noel island in the digby group just as the wind started to pick up. Its a fine feeling when the anchor grabs and you know

your safe for the night. Checked goggle maps as well as navionics to see where the coral and sand lay. Its a nice little bay protected from the 22 knot winds i clocked on the wind meter. probably 30 kts in the open. Swam into shore and colapsed on the rounded hot rocks on a fairly remote island not many people visit. No fish took my lure and im buggered so looks like its baked beans on toast. Tomorrow will be a big day. 20 knots SE and 45 miles to scawfell island. Gotta get a new auto pilot, feels like im doing weight training in my arms 8 hours on the wheel today and another 9 tomorrow. To follow the trip subscribe and get more info at woow the swells creeping around the corner, bit rocky.
Well looks like im heading for scawfelll island 44 miles away. forcast 15 to 25 knots SE decreasing. Pushing my comfort zone but so is staying here. did i say the swell was creeping around the corner more like a stomping elephant. Ill pick

everything of the floor when i get to scawfell. double coffee lined up just need a good playlist. A sence of adventure and living your passion definatly exists. And the sun is eclipsed by the moon. 2012 the year of endless possibilities where anything can and probably will happen. shiiiiit rocking 30 o each side is just toooo much.
Sailing six knots woooow Full gib and mizen sail up 17 knots on the beam just the way like it right shipmates Life jacket on ePirb in my pocket Bob marley on the woofer singing songs of freedom. Those reading these post you are with me.
Yes made it in before the storm hit Migaloo was doing max hull speed at 8 knots as i had the full rig up as winddropped to ten the picked up to 17 so i dicided to out run it storm passed behind I had no reception so it had to be continued. Had a great swim to shore and walk in the forest that is starting to get tropical now. Heading for Tomas island that I heard is small and beautiful. Thinking if I don’t get crew may have to leave migaloo here as I need to do some overnighters to make some serious miles.

Thanks Sponsors and video of whales

Thanks Sponsors


Thanks to the sponsors and

supporters of  Ray Thorpe Main Sponsor and supporter of migaloo 2  Sponsor of an auto pilot control head  Sponsor of engine mounts, Part sponsorship of an efficient 12 volt fridge  Sponsor of 10 energy efficeint LED lights  Sponsor of some Health food. P.S. This is not Santos mining co involved in CSG mining  Rainbow Power Co Sponsor of 3  130 wt solar panels and wiring Set up internet and streaming server

Please support the migaloo 2 sponsors and where possible buy product from them.

Thanks again  to the sponsors and supporters of

To see a clip thanking sponsors with some amazing whale footage see

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