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Shamans of the Amazon WATCH


A documentary by Dean Jefferys

Shamans of the Amazon DVD cover

Shamans of the Amazon is a personal account of Film-maker Dean Jefferys returning to the Amazon with his partner and one year old daughter. They journey deep into the heart of  the Ecuadorian rainforest to meet two Amazon Shamans and learn about and experience the ancient ayahuasca ritual. The film also shows how this hallucinogenic ritual is being adapted and used in western cultures. read more.

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Watch this 52 minute documentary journeying into the Ecuadorian rainforest to meet two shamans to learn about the ayahuasca ritual. N.B. This video is only veiwable for 48 hours after payment, and you MUST click on the link that is emailed to you when you are ready to watch. The link will expire after 48 hours. After that it will NO LONGER work.