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Sailing Migaloo 2 in the Great Barrier Reef

Sailing the Great Barrier Reef in Migaloo 2. Part 1. After 3 moths of preparation which included reconditioning the motor, we start the journey crossing the Brunswick bar heading to Brisbane and then the Witsunday Islands in the Great Barrier Reef.

Shark Net Protest at Quicksilver Pro Surfing comp 2019

Channel 9 news and courrier mail covered the shark net protest at tweed today. Felt good to speak on behalf of the whales to choose love and respect for life over fear and killing.

Media Release 5-4-2019 Shark Net Protest at Quicksilver Pro Surfing comp Coolangatta

Members of Northern NSW and QLD marine conservation groups will converge on the Quiksilver Pro Surfing competition tomorrow, Saturday 6th April, at Coolangatta at midday Qld time, (1 pm NSW time) to hold up banners, asking for the removal of shark nets and to spread awareness on non lethal and more effective alternatives.

Last Tuesday 2nd April, the QLD Administrative Appeals Tribunal found that scientific evidence about “the lethal component” of the shark control program “overwhelmingly” showed it does not reduce the risk of unprovoked shark attacks.

Co-ordinator of the protest, Dean Jefferys said ”In light of the recent findings by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, we are calling on the Qld Government to abandon its lethal shark control measures, such as shark nets and drum lines, and replace it with the more effective non lethal alternatives.”

“We are very happy the shark net trails have been abandoned off Ballina due to public opposition

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Tribunal rules to remove Shark Drum lines in the GBR


Hey this is a critical time to write or ring the Premier of QLD to help the sharks. Below is the letter I just wrote and a bit from HSI. You can click the link below and copy and past my or similar letter onto it. Looks like 100s of drum lines have to be removed in the GBR and Qld Gov is trying to appeal the courts decision….

“I want the QLD Gov to accept the Administrative Appeals Tribunal’s ruling to remove Shark Drum lines in the GBR in QLD and to embrace a completely non-lethal approach to shark control in the Great Barrier Reef and all of QLD. The Tribunal said the evidence that killing sharks makes no difference to swimmer safety was ‘overwhelming’. Today’s non-lethal technology is more effective at protecting swimmers and should be the way forward for Queensland. Give a drone to every Surf club. Surely it will be bad for tourism in QLD and the GBR when overseas tourist become aware that you are needlessly killing the apex predator of the reef that keeps the GBR healthy and they are no safer for it. I will certainly be spreading awareness over seas through

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Whaling to end in Antarctic

Im not sure whether to laugh or cry. Today Japan officially announced it is going to withdraw from the International Whaling Commission, IWC and commence commercial whaling. Read Paul Watson s post below and the news paper article attached to get more info and perspective. In Japans statement they say they will not hunt and kill any whales in the Antarctic oceans. I celebrate that the harpoons will no longer explode in these majestic creatures in the southern oceans and the southern ocean whale sanctuary may become a reality. Yet Japan can be a deceiving renegade nation as we saw when the International Court of Justice, ICJ, ruled that japans whaling was illegal and they had to stop. We celebrated thinking no more whales would be killed in the Antarctic. In responce to the ICJ ruling Japan just said they would not recognize the highest court on Earth and went to the antarctic anyway and continued to kill whales. They may decide that the whales around Japan are too contaminated with radioactive waste from fukushima that they soon return to the antarctic to continue murdering whales. So as I take a deep breath and recognize the efforts of everyone and

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Flying 1770

Come for a fly and bar check with me over 1770 with Migaloo 2



3rd Shark net trial cancelled

Im very happy with the news that the 3rd shark net trial off Ballina has been cancelled. phew… Its a shame hundreds of marine creatures had to die for many humans to realize that the shark nets dont work. Now we just have to get NSW and Qld to pull up all the useless shark nets that are killing thousands of marine creatures every year and use non lethal alternatives. Come on pollies, we have the technology. In the meantime well done to all those who contributed in someway to this awareness campaign. Keep it up. Im getting ready to join the humpback migration to Hervey Bay in migaloo 2 with a large knife on a pole to cut any whales lose that may tangle in QLD shark nets. if you want to become more involved check out this page i set up before and

Migaloo’s baby spotted off Lennox 1-7-2018

Looks like Migaloo ‘s sperm count is high with a sighting today of an amazing all white baby calf off Lennox head. Migaloo must be calling for reinforcements to hold the new energy. Nice footage yet i hope it was shot with a zoom lens from way up high even then it looks a bit close. Just use a drone if images are needed, helicopter make a hell of a racket to any whale old or new.

Shark Net Protest at Quicksilver Pro Surfing comp

MEDIA RELEASE 14-3-2018 Shark Net Protest at Quicksilver Pro Surfing comp Coolangatta Members of north coast marine conservation groups will converge on the Quicksilver Pro Surfing competition at Coolangatta at midday Qld time, (1 pm NSW time) on Wednesday the 14th of March to hold up banners asking for the removal of Shark Nets. Co-ordinator of the protest, Dean Jefferys, from the Migaloo 2 marine conservation Foundation said “The Quicksilver Pro Surfing competition is the obvious place to hold a Shark Net protest as many surfers are concerned both about being safe while surfing and also wanting to live in harmony with other marine creatures. Snapper Rocks is flanked by a string of shark nets that have killed hundreds of marine creatures since their placement.” Jefferys said “I believe surfers are being called to be the guardians of the ocean and its creatures. Its hard to understand that there are some surfers who still believe the shark nets are a good thing and the deaths of 1000s of marine creatures justifies their fear of sharks. The yellow bouys you see behind the line up at Snapper Rocks are shark nets that go for around 150 meters along the surface

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Shark net Rally. People plan to swim under the nets.

Ballina Shire has asked the DPI to install 5 shark nets over the next 6 months as part of another 6 month trial. The shark nets were installed today, 2 days before the rally and paddle out on the 25th Nov. We urgently need to encourage all levels of government to not install/remove these marine killing nets. We also need to show that we do not consent to these nets that have killed over 140 marine creatures durring the last 6 month trial and that there are more effective non lethal alternatives.


remove shark nets

The plan is to meet on the beach in front of Lennox Head surf club at midday ~ Saturday 25th Nov~ and spell out some large words with bodies and boards then paddle out to the Shark nets that are planned to be about 300 meters off shore. Those who feel confident and with masks and fins can then swim under the shark nets that go down about 5 meters. This will help dispel the fallacy that the nets are a total barrier and that sharks, like humans, can swim under the nets.

You can see the effects of a similar action

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Shark net action at Mooloolaba


We all created a great Shark net action today off Mooloolaba. 2 TV stations local press and some locals. Even had a turtle come to my feet at the wharf while talking to the tv. Swam right under the nets to show the lie that these nets protect swimmers. Following is some media coverage by newspapers and TV local and Brisbane. Nets are going.

7 TV news Brisbane Anti-shark nets campaign on the Sunshine Coast.

7 News Sunshine Coast added a new video: Shark net protest.

August 3 at 6:05pm ·