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Migaloo 2 sails to HB. Fish are our friends and our food

"Fish are our friends and our food" Marti Wizdomes

"Fish are our friends and our food" Marti Wizdomes

Met the great Mooloolaba Sea Shepherd crew. Migaloo is now fixed and currently back on the water sailing for Hervey Bay. We just past noosa, 30 kt wind blowing. woow. me marti and migaloo 2 are crankin and very happy. Domi and kids driving for rainbow beach. we are hitting 7 kt Maybe come through inskip point at sunset. Hervey Bay and the whales tomorrow. YYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

Just dropped anchor off Rainbow beach after a really strong sail ( 33 knots) in Migaloo 2. Just had a great feed that, “Fish are our friends and our food” Marti Wizdomes caught sailing from Mooloolaba to rainbow beach on migaloo 2 today. Migaloo 2 is all better and we are all very happy to be sailing with the whales again. Hervey Bay tomorrow yeeeahh