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Sharks Whales and Sea Shepherds. 2 nights

me and migaloo 2

Come to a celebration of marine activism with local activists Howie Cooke, Madi Pip and Dean Jefferys. Also see the inspiring presentation by the founder of the Sea Shepherds Paul Watson when he recently visited Byron.

Howie Cooke will show slides and video of his trip to the Antarctic with the Sea Shepherds this year and more recently sailing down the west coast of the USA in another Transparensea trip. Madi Pip will show some of her amazing footage swimming with tiger sharks and talk about the urgent action that is needed to protect sharks in OZ and worldwide. Dean Jefferys will show some footage of his recent trip sailing in Migaloo 2 in Hervey Bay with the whales and talk about his experiences and his sailing and conservation visions for 2012. Adam will be there with the Sea Shepherd stall so you can buy some great Xmas presents that help conserve not cost the earth.

There will be 2 nights Byron Community center Wednesday 14th Dec at 5-30 pm and Santos out the back in Mullumbimby Thursday 15th Dec 7-30 $10 entry is split 4 ways to the campaigners including Sea Shepherd.

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Last whale leaves Hervey Bay for the Antarctic

Just put the hydrophone in again and for the first time in 5 weeks there where no whale songs. I think they have all left hervey bay for the southern migration to the antarctic. What a blessing we have had here experiencing there life and their great mystery on migaloo 2. I know japan is about to have a conciousness explosion and see cetaceans for the amazing beings they are and not as food. In the meantime all strength to the Sea Shepherds. Good to know their going down to protect them. see some pics from Marti Wizdomes and Nadia Muggeridge i just uploaded. see Thanks everyone for supporting the migaloo 2 project especialy Ray Thorpe from Happy High Herbs

I did a live internet stream yesterday for the whales from my whale and dolphin conservation yacht Migaloo 2 from Hervey Bay Australia where we have been hanging out with humpback whales for the last 5 weeks and recording there songs. see live link at also see my site to see what im up to for the whales at