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We are Paul Watson Visual Petition and Brisbane gig

We are Paul Watson copy Howie Cooke s banner to A4 from my FB site, here, or from and take a photo of you with it and upload. Let Germany and the world know if they take Paul they take us all because he speaks for us and we speak for him.

BRISBANE >>>> Come see conservation yacht Migaloo 2 in Cleveland + Films + Talks And hear Dean Jefferys talk about whale and Dolphin conservation issues, and present 3 short films including an interview with Paul Watson while under house arrest in Germany. Also hear from Pauly from Brisbane Sea Shepherd and Isabel Dowe about turtle conservation. Public wharf, Cleveland 5pm Sunday 29th July Bring a blanket and something to sit on or stand Free event

We are Paul Watson, copy, photo + upload

Me experiencing whaling in Byron Bay 53 years ago. Change..

“Sailing the Winds of Change 2012 and beyond”

While staying with my mother by Morton Bay near Brisbane, fixing and preparing Migaloo 2 for the big sail north to Cairns, I discovered this picture of me being held by my mother when I was 1 year and 3 months young, in Byron Bay, looking at a dead humpback whale being dragged along the wharf at Belongil, in June 1959.

Me experiencing whaling in Byron Bay 53 years ago

Wow… Insane… More insane is, I remember that day. I can remember seeing blood being pumped off the end of the wharf and sharks swimming in what must have been the remains of the whales. Seeing these photos stimulates more memories of that day and feelings that something was not quite right.

So now, 53 years later, as I sail on my 3000 kl journey “Sailing the Winds of Change 2012 and beyond” to raise awareness about whale freedom and marine conservation issues, I ponder why do I care so much for whales freedom and why do I have a deep desire to listen to and understand them. Did something mysterious happen on that day?

I spent most of the

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Another whale dies in shark nets.WTF.

Another whale dies in shark nets… WTF……. A humpback whale has washed up at Hungry Head yesterday (july 25th 2012) after becoming tangled in a shark net while migrating north. It’s believed the whale has been dead for a couple of days after it was spotted in trouble off Port Macquarie almost two weeks ago. Has it been struggling tangled in sharknets for 10 days?? see nbn tv news story


29 whales have been caught in shark nets since 2000, of those 26 have been successfully freed. ie this make it 4 whales dieing from Sharknets in the last 12 years. Last migration season six whales were tangled, the worst season in recent years.

The Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Fisheries in WA said this week, sharknets dont work and just endanger whales and kill unintended marine life which in turn attract sharks. How many more whales have to die? The whale alarms clearly dont work. Jaws was just a movie. Why do they exist??? Please remove all shark nets. To get more info on sharknets see

Senator the Hon. Joe Ludwig is the Australian Government Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

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Yeah Raymarine sponsorship and Save Our Skipper Day

Woow thanks Liza, Colin and the crew from they just sponsored Migaloo2 with a new ST 6002 Auto pilot control head after Migaloo 2s one died. Many thanks to the visionary company Raymarine for supporting this important marine conservation project. With no spare $ in the kitty to buy a new one im now relieved as having the autopilot working will be like having an extra crew member onboard without having to feed them, it will also make it easier and safer to do the 3500 miles to Cairns and back through the night and the trecherous Great Barrier reef. So if you are needing any marine electronic gear get it from a company that supports marine conservation.

SOS Save our Skipper Byron Bay

AND People met at German Embassies around the world yesterday for SOS Save our Skipper Global day of action. It is now Day 58 of Captain Watson’s detainment in Germany. To protest Captain Watson’s pending extradition to Costa Rica for trying to stop illegal shark finners. For more info see Show you support for Captain Watson and Pick up the phone and ring Consulates of Germany in Brisbane QLD (07) 3221 7819

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Whale caught in Shark Net, Gold Coast + First day video

A Young Humpback whale got caught up in Shark Net at Gold Coast the very night I was anchored outfront of Sea World but i didnt hear about it. Seaworld cut it free yet when i asked them last year if they would publicly condemn the ridiculous shark nets they wouldnt. Im currently in Brisbane/Morton bay and feel like sailing back to the goldy and either pull up some shark nets or at least bring some attention to the needless slaughter of innocent marine wildlife. Anyone interested. Here is a link to a video clip of the first day sailing. For more info See link in credits to

Migaloo 2 sails into Gold Coast SeaWorld with the dolphins

Had a great night showing a few films off the back of Migaloo 2 in the water off Sea world on the gold coast tonight. Showed Paul Watson in Costa Rica, Migaloo 2 sailing in tonga and yesterdays sail, plus showed an interview I did with Mick McIntyre from Whales Alive at the IWC in Panama and The Cove. I sent out a media release and invited the dolphin Trainers and vets from Sea World but none showed up. It was an epic set up hanging the large screen off the back mast with the projector perched on the back solar panels and computor and Ritumbas portable sound system running off 2 different inverters from my batteries. I had to anchor close to shore and pull the back of migaloo 2 around and tied her to a tree to get a good angle with the screen only 10 meters from the sandy shore. Good test of what is possible and whats to come. Thanks to the good folk who came from Brisbane and Byron on this glorious full moon night. Thanks too to the crew from Local Search Services who donated $400 to Sailing 2012 and beyond. 6 more like

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