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Migaloo 2 nearly home, Dramas on the high Seas

Just had andn amazing 2 weeks with my kids Jasmin and Sage and 2 friends Nikki and Ant at Lady musgrove and Gurrie Frazer island and a few dramas at Noosa on the way back to Brunswick when a steering cable snapped and nearly got caught in Gale force winds and huge seas. Read on and check pictures at my Face book link album bellow.

Swimming with manta rays off Lady Musgave island

Having fun at Lady Musgrove Island from Hard to believe the government allows companies that are dredging Gladstone harbour for Coal and CSG expansion to dump their toxic sludge in the ocean less than 50 miles away from this paradise see pics at

Went to Moon Point on the edge of Hervey Bay. Very different without my whale friends here. I trust they will alll return safely. Thanks Sea Shepherd. Sailing through the sandy straights for Noosa and Brisbane tomorrow. RIpped the mainsail again after an epic 20 hour sail From Lady Musgrove yesterday. Stiched it back up again today/ Now less than a week away from completing this epic 6 month journey on marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2. Just posted some pictures on

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Mayan 2012 Summer solstice Ritual

solstice love mandala

Mayan 2012 Summer solstice Ritual Byron Bay

Happy Quantum leap 2013.Weather predictions for Cyclone Freda stopped me going to Lady musgrave in migaloo 2 this week. Ill try again next week if the weathers good. Sailing the winds of change 2012 and beyond has been huge sailng to witsundays and then onto the eclipse. See some of the adventure and issues covered on my youtube link below. I recorded this 15 min clip before during and after the Summer solstice on Dec 21st 2012. Whether you believe in Mayan prophecies or not the mere fact that millions around the world gathered and visualized a better world has to mean that change will happen on some level. I feel blessed to have a full belly, time a roof and to have the freedom to sit with friends in a safe environment to do this. May these birth rites extend across the world to all beings. May peace, love and compassion rule.