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Migaloo 2 returns after 7 months Sailing Winds of Change

Sailing the Winds of Change 2012 and Beyond on Migaloo 2

Me and Migaloo 2

As my body slowly reabsorbs the adrenalin secreted during this mornings hairy bar crossing at my home port of Brunswick I reflect on the past 7 month marine conservation campaign journey “Sailing the Winds of Change 2012 and Beyond” on Migaloo 2. Migaloo 2 is a 45 ft fiberglass ketch bought 3 years ago by Ray Thorpe the founder of the Happy Herb Company with the plan it be used for raising awareness on marine conservation issues.

I left Brunswick in July 2012 with an aim to sail to the Solar eclipse in Cairns and do port shows actions, media, filming, live streaming, social networking and connect with marine conservation groups and whales and marine life along the way. First stop SeaWorld.

I anchored Migaloo 2 next to SeaWorld and projected “The Cove” movie about the slaughter and capture of wild dolphins in Japan onto the sails of Migaloo 2 and met with the Gold Coast Sea Shepherd group. The next day a baby humpback whale was caught in shark nets right out front on the Gold Coast. It was cut loose by

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Sea Shepherd Ships rammed by Japanese whalers

Nisshin Maru rams the Bob Barker into the Sun Laurel – photo: Tim Watterspherd

Nisshin Maru rams the Bob Barker into the Sun Laurel – photo: Tim Watterspherd

Australia has successfully blocked a third attempt to refuel the Japanese whaling fleet, which is illegally operating in contravention of an Australian Federal Court ruling prohibiting whaling in Australian Antarctic Territory. During the process, Captain Tomoyuki Ogawa of the whale butchering ship Nisshin Maru rammed the Sea Shepherd Ships Bob Barker and Sam Simon.

During the previous night, the Korean-owned, Panamanian-flagged fuel tanker Sun Laurel and the Nisshin Maru headed due south through waters peppered with large growlers and icebergs at 12 knots in the darkness without searchlights. The Sun Laurel is not an ice-classed ship and it is now 420 miles South of Sixty Degrees with their illegal cargo of heavy fuel oil, HFO.

Accompanying the Sun Laurel was the Sam Simon, flanked by the armed security ship, Shonan Maru No. 2and the Yushin Maru No. 3. The Nisshin Maru was being tailed by the Steve Irwin and Bob Barker, with the two remaining harpoon ships of the Japanese whale poaching fleet in tow. There were six ships with

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The End of Japanese Whaling after whalers ram Sea Shepherd


Press release by the sea Shepherd about the japanese whalers ramming their ships and some incredible photos. some good news this will mean the end of japanese whaling. Its a bit like Gandhis march on the salt mines. see abc story just in Japan halts whale hunt after Sea Shepherd clashes.

Sea Shepherd Ship the Bob Barker Blockading illegal refueling of the Nisshin Maru

Please Send an email to and Tony Bourke Ask Australia sends Navy or customs ships immediately to the Antarctic to keep the peace, restore Australian sovereignty over its Antarctic waters and prevent a devastating oil spill there and enforce Australian and international law to stop illegal whaling. for more info see and like and