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Migaloo 2 meets Migaloo off Byron

Migaloo 2 meets Migaloo off Byron

Still recovery after a truly EPIC day sailing off the Byron Coast yesterday (Monday 23rd July) in Migaloo 2 where I fulfilled a ten year dream of meeting Migaloo the White Humpback Whale.


I calculated Migaloo’s expected ETA in Byron from sightings in Eden and Sydney and working out at 3.9 knots he’d be here around 5 am Monday morning if he kept that speed. I checked the weather and yes perfect conditions for sailing to Byron and anchoring in the Bay. Sunday was a nice sail yet not only didn’t we see Migaloo but no one whale was to be seen the whole day. Maybe they where traveling in a big convoy party with Migaloo. First light and I was paddling to the beach to pick up Martin and Domi in the Inflatable kayak. We made it out to whale highway just as the first golden rays of the sun forced there way over the lava looking clouds on the horizon. Watchful for any sign of a Whale a puff a splash ripples on the water sounds anything we were high in anticipation. There’s a splash and Domi hits the accelerator

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Migaloo 2 Newsletter July 2014

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Migaloo 2 Newsletter July 2014, Whales-Japan, Bentley, New Doco, Launch + more Migaloo 2, Ready to Sail with the Whales 2014 by Dean JefferysSo many momentous events happened recently and about to happen concerning whales and the enviroment it must be time for a newsletter to make sure you don’t miss any of it. Im putting all the issues Im passionate about together as I am seeing all these issues as related so I encourage you to get a cuppa, read the lot and check out the links to photo albums videos and other websites. Mobile phone version coming soon. SO what so momentous?

* The International Court of Justice, A victory against Japanese Whaling * Bentley Coal Seam Gas Blockade victory * My New Doco “The Whale Whisperers” and Crowd Funding campaign * Migaloo 2 Gets ready to join the Humpback whale migration to sail to the Great Barrier Reef. * Migaloo 2 Campaign Launch 2014 Films, Music, Talks, Celebration.

The International Court of Justice… PATHWAY TO WHALE FREEDOM While watching the International Court of Justice, ICJ, give its verdict that meant the Japanese whalers would no longer be shooting exploding

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