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Another whale dies in shark nets

Media Release 22- 7- 14. Marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2 warns of more whale deaths in shark nets…

Migaloo 2 and crew. Remove shark nets

Marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2 sailed from Byron bay to the Gold Coast last week holding up banners off Snapper Rocks shark nets saying that shark nets need to be removed. Skipper of Migaloo 2, Dean Jefferys said, “ Only days after sailing along the Gold coast and warning that these shark nets and drum lines need to be removed becuase of danger to the humpback whale migration and other marine life a baby whale was tangled up and drowned in one of these nets and a dolphin killed by a drum line.Shark nets are purely cosmetic to convince tourists they are “safe”. The nets do not protect anything at all – sharks can swim over, under, and around the nets. Most sharks and other marine life die inside the nets trying to get back to sea from the shore and the by catch is enormous. From 1960 and 1990 shark nets entangled 216 dolphins, 2140 turtles, 552 dugongs including many migrating humpback. They should be removed immediately to prevent more needless marine

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