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Gathering for Dolphin and Whale freedom.

Media Release 17-9-2014

Gathering in Hervey Bay for Dolphin and Whale freedom.

As the International Whaling Commission (IWC) gets underway this week in Slovenia and as Japan commits its first Dolphin kill in Taiji, there will be a gathering with banners on Wednesday 17th at 12.30 at the unused harpoon in Urangan boat harbor to urge for Whale and Dolphin Freedom.

Japans Dolphin killing season started on September 1st and with 15 days of no dolphin kills it was hoped the killing would never start yet today the terrible news spread around the world that 9 Risso’s dolphins where rounded up into Taiji “The Cove” and brutally slaughtered. For more information and live streaming events in Taiji see and

Japan is also due to face global condemnation at the International Whaling Commission this week over its plan to resume its whaling program in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary despite the International Court of Justice ruling earlier this year that their Scientific Research was illegal and they should stop immediately. For more info on the first day of the IWC see attached summary by Mick McIntyre from Whales Alive.

Dean Jefferys who is the Skipper of Marine Conservation yacht

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