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Animal Communicator Anna Breytenbach talks with Great White Shark

During Anna Breytenbach 2015 Australian tour running Animal Communication workshops Anna talks in the following clip about about her telepathic communication with the group mind of the Great White Shark. Seeing as they are having similar problems with increased shark encounters in South Africa as we are around Byron Bay we thought it would be good to make a youtube clip so people can hear from the Great White Shark directly about whats going of for them and what ocean users can do to minimise an unwanted shark encounter.


For more info on Annas work see and the Spirit to Diablo Clip see

Over 200 people packed the Public meeting on Sharks at the Lennox Head school. We heard marine scientists politicians and police give their view on the increased encounters between humans and sharks and what can be done to try to ensure these encounters don’t lead to serious injury or death. At least they are not copying WA or QLD and just wanna kill. All options are on the table and it seems decisions will be based on science not a Hollywood film. Shark nets and drum lines seem at the very bottom

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Incredible whale contact while sailing migaloo 2

Just experience the most amazing two hours of my life. A humpback whale swam next to me as the auto pilot steered migaloo 2 and we just played with each other for about two hours till the sun set and moon rose. It was absolutely incredible. I played didge to it it blew bubbles back at me, I’d yell I love you and it would make the same sound and emotion through its blow hole it would come right up to the didge and feel it, I’d say I love you and it would go belly up and swim upside down right underneath me, it would blow next to me to get my attention then it would do a big tail slap and a breach and it came so close to me and eyeballed me so many times. I feel so blessed. It even gave me some clues how to communicate with it telepathically. I would have to close my eyes and play the didge softly get out of my head,no thought just feel the heart and the love it shared when it went belly up. Amazing . Another world and depth of communication is just waiting there

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