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Shark net action at Mooloolaba


We all created a great Shark net action today off Mooloolaba. 2 TV stations local press and some locals. Even had a turtle come to my feet at the wharf while talking to the tv. Swam right under the nets to show the lie that these nets protect swimmers. Following is some media coverage by newspapers and TV local and Brisbane. Nets are going.

7 TV news Brisbane Anti-shark nets campaign on the Sunshine Coast.

7 News Sunshine Coast added a new video: Shark net protest.

August 3 at 6:05pm ยท

Migaloo 2 Skipper to swim under Shark Nets off Mooloolaba.

Media Release 2-8-2017 Migaloo 2 Skipper to swim under Shark Nets off Mooloolaba.

Marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2 will visit Mooloolaba on Thursday on its Whale Migration Tour raising awareness on important issues like Shark nets and different forms of pollution. Migaloo 2 is sailing from Byron Bay to the Great Barrier Reef and return over the next three months. In Mooloolaba, Skipper of Migaloo 2, Dean Jefferys, will be meeting up with people from different Marine conservation groups to discuss conservation strategies and inspect and swim under the Shark nets off Mooloolaba. Leah Hays and other members of the Sunshine Coast Environment Council, along with Tony Isacson and other divers will be meeting at the public wharf near the Fishermans Co-op in Mooloolaba spit at 10 am Thursday 3rd. There will be photo opportunities with banners and Migaloo 2 in the back ground. A limited amount of Media are also invited onboard Migaloo 2 to inspect the Shark nets up close and shoot video or take pictures of people with banners on floating craft around the nets and Dean Jefferys swimming under the Shark net. (photos and video will be made available to media after the event)

Dean Jefferys

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