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Migaloo 2 Skipper to swim under Shark Nets off Mooloolaba.

Media Release 2-8-2017 Migaloo 2 Skipper to swim under Shark Nets off Mooloolaba.

Marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2 will visit Mooloolaba on Thursday on its Whale Migration Tour raising awareness on important issues like Shark nets and different forms of pollution. Migaloo 2 is sailing from Byron Bay to the Great Barrier Reef and return over the next three months. In Mooloolaba, Skipper of Migaloo 2, Dean Jefferys, will be meeting up with people from different Marine conservation groups to discuss conservation strategies and inspect and swim under the Shark nets off Mooloolaba. Leah Hays and other members of the Sunshine Coast Environment Council, along with Tony Isacson and other divers will be meeting at the public wharf near the Fishermans Co-op in Mooloolaba spit at 10 am Thursday 3rd. There will be photo opportunities with banners and Migaloo 2 in the back ground. A limited amount of Media are also invited onboard Migaloo 2 to inspect the Shark nets up close and shoot video or take pictures of people with banners on floating craft around the nets and Dean Jefferys swimming under the Shark net. (photos and video will be made available to media after the event)

Dean Jefferys

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Baby Humpback whale drowns in Shark Net at Gold Coast.

Another baby humpback whale was killed in a shark nets on the Gold Coast on 15 July 2017 because of human fear and ignorance. Who ever supports shark nets, how would you feel if it was your baby that drowned in a sharknet. Sign this petition, its time to remove shark nets immediately everywhere. Most of NSW remove the sharks nets during whale migration season hence less entanglement. Qld on the other hand leaves them in (over 100) all year and have entangle 126 whales over the last 45 years many whom drowned a horrible death.

Feels like its time to do a shark net demo where it will get a lot of media and put pressure on the right people. Lots of people and banners and a blow up whale tangled in shark nets is a strong image that much media would run with. Im from Northern NSW so don’t know where is best yet i would imagine at Queensland Minister responsible for the Qld Shark Control Program, Bill Byrne office or Fisheries or DPI office or get daring and target QLD tourism and call the lie on shark nets and call for non lethal alternatives. or what about

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Shark nets up over Whale season angers conservationists. 2-5-2017

I gave an impromptu presentation to the Senate inquiry into shark mitigation and deterrent measures in Byron today. I also had some whales whisper in my ear to write a media release to help educate some humans about the dangers of Shark nets……. Media Release. 2-5-2017 Possibility of leaving Shark nets up over Whale season angers conservationists. Members of various marine conservation groups who gave evidence at the Senate inquiry into shark mitigation and deterrent measures today are angry and disappointed that the DPI haven’t ensured that they will remove the Ballina Shark nets when the trial is finished and for the duration of whale season. Other NSW regions have already removed their shark nets to prevent the possibility of Whale entanglement and death during the coming migration. It was also noted that the Mayor of Ballina appeared keen to have the Shark nets stay in place when the trial ends this month. Marine conservation groups including Australian Seabird Rescue, Sunshine Coast Environmental Council, Migaloo 2 Foundation and Ex Greens Senator, Ian Cohen, agreed during the lunch break at the enquiry to write to the Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg, the Chair of the Senate inquiry into shark mitigation and

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Shark Net Protest at Quicksilver Pro Surfing comp Coolangatta

MEDIA RELEASE 13-3-2018 Shark Net Protest at Quicksilver Pro Surfing comp Coolangatta Members of north coast marine conservation groups will converge on the Quicksilver Pro Surfing competition at Coolangatta at midday Qld time, (1 pm NSW time) on Wednesday the 14th of March to hold up banners asking for the removal of Shark Nets. Co-ordinator of the protest, Dean Jefferys, from the Migaloo 2 marine conservation Foundation said “The Quicksilver Pro Surfing competition is the obvious place to hold a Shark Net protest as many surfers are concerned both about being safe while surfing and also wanting to live in harmony with other marine creatures. Snapper Rocks is flanked by a string of shark nets that have killed hundreds of marine creatures since their placement.” Jefferys said “I believe surfers are being called to be the guardians of the ocean and its creatures. Its hard to understand that there are some surfers who still believe the shark nets are a good thing and the deaths of 1000s of marine creatures justifies their fear of sharks. The yellow bouys you see behind the line up at Snapper Rocks are shark nets that go for around 150 meters along the surface

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BOYCOTT JAPAN. 4 whaling ships left Japan to kill 333 whales

BOYCOTT JAPAN…. 4 whaling ships left Japan today to try to kill 333 whales in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, despite the International Court of Justice ruling saying it was illegal. When governments and corporations refuse to listen to the people or the rule of International Law then its up to the people to take the power back and consumer boycotts of Japanese product and services is a way to put financial pressure on the Japanese governments to stop this senseless and barbaric slaughter of our ancestors from the oceans, the Great Whales. What is the point of having the a world court the International Court of Justice and the International Whaling Commission if the decision is ignored if it doesnt go your way. How can any country now take Japan seriously. The Japanese Government has now become a rogue nation, a joke. Go get em Sea Shepherd and every consumer that was thinking of buying a Japanese product. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull should also boycott the fleet of Japanese submarines it is thinking about buying off Japan. I always knew Sea Shepherd had the law and justice on your side. Now the whole world does and its with

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Animal Communicator Anna Breytenbach talks with Great White Shark

During Anna Breytenbach 2015 Australian tour running Animal Communication workshops Anna talks in the following clip about about her telepathic communication with the group mind of the Great White Shark. Seeing as they are having similar problems with increased shark encounters in South Africa as we are around Byron Bay we thought it would be good to make a youtube clip so people can hear from the Great White Shark directly about whats going of for them and what ocean users can do to minimise an unwanted shark encounter.


For more info on Annas work see and the Spirit to Diablo Clip see

Over 200 people packed the Public meeting on Sharks at the Lennox Head school. We heard marine scientists politicians and police give their view on the increased encounters between humans and sharks and what can be done to try to ensure these encounters don’t lead to serious injury or death. At least they are not copying WA or QLD and just wanna kill. All options are on the table and it seems decisions will be based on science not a Hollywood film. Shark nets and drum lines seem at the very bottom

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Incredible whale contact while sailing migaloo 2

Just experience the most amazing two hours of my life. A humpback whale swam next to me as the auto pilot steered migaloo 2 and we just played with each other for about two hours till the sun set and moon rose. It was absolutely incredible. I played didge to it it blew bubbles back at me, I’d yell I love you and it would make the same sound and emotion through its blow hole it would come right up to the didge and feel it, I’d say I love you and it would go belly up and swim upside down right underneath me, it would blow next to me to get my attention then it would do a big tail slap and a breach and it came so close to me and eyeballed me so many times. I feel so blessed. It even gave me some clues how to communicate with it telepathically. I would have to close my eyes and play the didge softly get out of my head,no thought just feel the heart and the love it shared when it went belly up. Amazing . Another world and depth of communication is just waiting there

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2 Whales tangled in Shark Nets

2 Whales tangled in Shark nets off Gold Coast this week 1 baby dies

Baby humpback whale dies today, July 23rd, due to shark nets Gold Coast Lifeguard superintendent Peter Miller said lifeguards responded to the initial call. “We were called to a possible whale stranding in the net off Currumbin,” he said. Fu…ing shark nets!!!! another young whale was tangled in a sharknet last saturday. Some of the net got cut off and now it has a permanent heavy necklace. How many more whales are going to die before they are removed. Shark nets must go. They are simply used as a means to blindly fool the public into a false sense of security- they create more of a hazard than they do to keep people safe. It’s time people see the real destruction they cause. There were 12 more dolphins caught and mostly killed just last year (2014) in Queensland alone! Not to mention hundreds of sharks, 19 sea turtles, 8 whales, 7 manta rays and many other species… Since 1962, 50,000 sharks have been killed and 30,000 ‘by-catch’/non targeted species were caught- many dying horrific deaths. There are better alternatives out there that don’t trap

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Mick Fanning not “Attacked” by shark. Shark nets no answer. Lobby contacts

Mick Fanning wasn’t “Attacked” by a shark he punched a shark during an encounter while surfing the final at Jefferys Bay. This shark that was probably 3-4 meters and could have bitten and killed Mick if it wanted to as he was in the water swimming without his board for about 15 seconds. My feeling is that he was giving Mick a close check out possible he was intending to knock him of his board to see what it was that was in his ocean area and got caught in his leg rope. If he really wanted to bite, eat or kill mick he easy could have, being twice his size 3 times his body weight and in his own seaworld. Mick did the right thing in facing it and punching it. Mick said he was not going to go easy. deeeeeep breath everyone. Everyone ok. no blood. wooow crazy stuff. Happy to see no surfers or organisers are calling for a shark cull or nets. They acknowledged we are in their world and we do so at our risk. Had Mick been like some of the surfers in WA who were promoting culls and drum lines i dont know

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Gasfield Free Northern Rivers, declared

7-8000 inspired and inspiring people gathered in Lismore yesterday on a day we affirmed the power to the people again, declared the Northern Rivers Gas Field Free and exposed the illusion that Government had control of what happens to the earth. Now the 4 enterances to the northern rivers supported by their local council will have these huge signs declaring a Gasfield Free Northern Rivers.

This is a Strong message to everyone and the existing and emerging political system that this is how it is now and forever more and they and the dieing fossil fuel industries have to fall into line with what the people want. A message on the day to assist in the management of this decision is to vote from one down on the ballet paper in the coming state election with Greens or Labor first and putting Nationals last. To see the 40 min video i made on Bentley click the link in the second paragraph of my website and Facebook album