Hi, my name is Dean Jefferys. I’m a film maker and long time activist for peace, the environment, and consciousness raising. Im the writer and director of the ground breaking documentary “Shamans of the Amazon” which was screened on Australian SBS TV. This was probably the first Documentary on the Traditional and Western use of Ayahuasca.

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I am now seeking donations to create a new documentary called “The God Molecule and the Shamanic Toad”. There are a number of ways to donate which I will outline below. So any potential donors can feel safe that their donation will be used wisely.



Sacred ToadAfter experiencing Toad Medicine earlier this year with Dr Octavio Retigg, I realised its time to make another Shamanic documentary “The God Molecule and the Shamanic Toad” Like in 1998 when I started making “Shamans of the Amazon” I realised many people were using this sacred and powerful medicine without proper guidance or understanding often with negative effects. I know many people want to keep this Toad medicine secret yet with its recent resurgence the potential damage it may cause to unguided people could now outweighing its potential benefits. So I felt another informative documentary about these sacred rituals needs to be made to show its traditional use and to learn from people using this most powerful molecule.


I am totally over traditional funding models to get documentaries made and distributed, so, I am doing something new. I have also decided to not use traditional crowd funding websites as they usually take at least 5% commission and have very restrictive terms. Im offering free viewing of “Shamans of the Amazon” and Im trusting you will like it so much you will be excited to be a part of my new documentary and make a donation to its production that reflects its potential impact to change the world. Donations over $20 will receive a digital copy of “The God Molecule and the Shamanic Toad” when it is finished. Donations over $100 or subscribe for $10 a month will receive as well as a digital copy, video and written updates from the jungle, Mexico and other locations during the shooting of this film plus access to extended interviews. Funding Target by 22nd Dec 2015 $20,000 Funding Target by 1st April 2016 $20,000


Option One: PayPal: Donations are processed with PayPal by clicking the subscription button or a one off donation button. (If you’re not a Paypal member you can still process the donation using the same button and your credit card.)

Option Two: Donations can be made over the counter at any WestPac bank or by direct bank Transfer to MIGALOO TWO FOUNDATION BSB 034-215 Acc 625919 Option Three: If you are in Australia and would like to make a Tax Deductible Donation email to me for details Any questions regarding anything to do with “The God Molecule and the Shamanic Toad” email me at deanjefferys@gmail.com Funds will be used for Airfares for myself and 2 crew. Living expenses for 6 weeks in Central and South America. A Drone for filming. Some equipment.


“The God Molecule and the Shamanic Toad” is a personal journey into the mysterious Shamanic and microscopic world of the most powerful Entheogenic molecule known to man, 5-Meo DMT. Unlike its cousin N,N DMT, 5-Meo DMT appears only in a few plants and one animal known as the Bufo Alvarius, Sonora desert Toad from Mexico. The film follows a small group (including the filmmaker Dean Jefferys) traveling to Central and South America to experience 5-Meo DMT rituals with 3 unique tribes called the Seri, Piaroa and the Secoya that have an ancient culture of using 5-Meo DMT. The Periwa Indians use the 5-Meo DMT in their snuff and the Secoya add leaves containing 5-Meo DMT to their Ayahuasca brew. Shaman and Doctor, Octavio Rettig, will be travelling with the group. Octavio has a high success rate helping addicts clear their addictions with the sacred Toad venom. Today many are also drawn to the Toad for its powerful awakening and mystical effects. The venom is administered via the inhalation of smoke. Dr Octavio Retigg has the blessing and the support of the Seri Tribe Elders, where the Toad originates. Dean will film Dr Octavio Retigg in ritual with the initiates and then later hear from them of their experience. In January 2016 Dr Octavio Retigg will travel to the amazonian rainforest in Venezuela to experience the 5-Meo DMT Yopo snuff ritual and share the Toad medicine and stories with a Piaroa Yopo Shaman. This will be an event not to be missed where cultures and powerful medicines play out their magic in the spectacular amazonian jungle. Dean will film the gathering and rituals. He will also be interviewing the initiates and the Shaman after these events. After Venezuela Dean and a small group will travel to Costa Rica to meet the Secoya Indians and experience their powerful 5-Meo DMT Ayahuasca ceremony and interview the shaman about its traditional use. Dean will talk with Author (Rainforest Medicine) and host Jonathon “Sparrow” Miller who has worked with the Secoya over the last 20 years. This interview will cover their culture, history and current critical problems due mainly to oil companies and colonists invading their land. Dean first met Sparrow in 1992 while working on cultural and environmental projects in Ecuador . After Costa Rica Dean will travel to Mexico with Dr Octavio Retigg. As we travel through Mexico we visit sacred sites to investigate if the Sacred Toad possibly had an influence in pre Hispanic cultures as far South as the Mayans. Eventually we experience the Toad Medicine in its traditional setting in the Sonora desert with the Seri People. The film will also explore some important health, safety and duty of care issues facing initiates and the Toad. Interspersed throughout the film will be interviews with people who have experienced the profound effects of Toad Medicine and how it has changed their lives.

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