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Aboriginal Smoking ceremony for Whales and Dolphins

Had an amazing smoking ceremony with aboriginal Goomblar Wylo and a dozen Butchulla kids from Hervey Bay and Mouri elder Kiiha yesterday on Migaloo 2. Wooow. by 3-30 pm we still hadnt seen any whales so Kiiha, his daughter and Goomblar individualy did there special pray and call to them and like magic they appeard and stayed with us. We couldnt have a traditional smoking fire on the boat so instead Kiiha and Goomblar lit some grandfather sage and connected to the whales from migaloo 2. Goomblar played the didge to two whales and you could see and feel how they liked it and loved that we were there to honor them. The Butchulla kids were blown away. Most had never been on a boat or seen a whale before. I felt blessed to be there with them all and the whales and dolphins sharing this magical moment and ceremony with them. Will post video soon . I didnt have good enought reception to live stream smoothly. you can see some of the short streams at i will edit up a short video clip soon and post it here and at
Media Release 1-9-2012


Aboriginal Smoking ceremony for Whales and Dolphins

Aboriginal Smoking ceremony for Whales and Dolphins

 Smoking ceremony to be held Hervey Bay 

On Saturday 1st of September, Aboriginal man, Goomblar, representing the Butchulla people from Hervey Bay and Frazer Island will facilitate an aboriginal smoking ceremony to support the Kimberly people in their struggle to stop the Gas hub at  James Price Point in WA and help the whales and dolphins. Saturday 1st is also the beginning of Japans Dolphin killing season and protests have been organized internationally to pressure Japan to stop the killing. Goomblar will be sailing out into Hervey Bay with Mouri Elder Kiha on the Marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2 which is currently doing a marine awareness journey up the east coast of Australia.
The Elders in Broome have heard the call of the Spirit of the Grandmother Whale. For the past 2 years they have been taking a stand for their land and the ocean to stop the $80 million gas pipe line proposal that

 not only crosses country but also extends for klms out to sea.The Kimberly coastline is one of the few remaining pristine areas in Australia. The blue waters are also the sanctuary and breeding grounds for whale, dugongs, dolphins and turtles…

All saltwater tribes will unite in traditional way around the seashore of Australia. They are are being asked to light their fires at the same time the fire is lit at Waldaman James Price Point at. 2pm (WA time ) The Smoking Ceremonies will be occurring around the Coastline of Australia …and also at Uluru. The Elders have called on all their non-traditional brothers and sisters to unite with them. Let Grandmother Whale light the ceremonial fire. Unite the Ancient Song lines. And call upon the Whale Spirit to regain her strength.

To see a link about the

Smoking Ceremonies with list of other smoking ceremonies see
Save Japan Dolphins Campaign Director Ric O’Barry said “This time of year always makes my heart heavy. September 1 marks the official beginning of the dolphin drive hunting season in Taiji, Japan, as I helped to show the world in the Oscar-winning movie The Cove. Every year, thousands of dolphins are brutally killed; some are then sold into a lifetime of slavery in captive facilities around the globe, and the rest are used for their flesh – which is highly contaminated with mercury and other toxins, rendering in dangerous for human consumption. We absolutely must keep the international spotlight on Taiji in order to stop these senseless murders once and for all.
more info see
Skipper of Migaloo 2 Dean Jefferys said “While sailing and connecting with the whales and dolphins of Hervey bay over the last 2 weeks its become very clear  that these water mammals are extremely intelligent, probably more intelligent than humans, yet we kill them and destroy there habitat like they dont matter. Its time to take care and stop the killing and capture of these highly evolved beings and ensure there environment is protected”
Dean will live stream the ceremony live from migaloo 2 to his website www.migaloo2.comat 4pm Saturday 1st sep.

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