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Bentley Blockade Video Highlights

I just broadcast a flash mob Bentley party live on#Ustream! Check it out! 17/05/2014 9:46 AM

I just broadcasted Int with Aidan Ricketts Sunrise vigil Bentley CSG  live on#Ustream! Check it out! 29/04/2014 6:46 AM

Following is some of the live stream Live Stream from Bentley

This is the page where I (Dean Jefferys) will live stream activities from the Bentley Blockade where thousands of people are expected to face off with hundreds of police to defend the land and water from contamination due to CSG operations.  Police are expected from the 18th of May. Press play to see the live stream or what has most recently been recorded. This is a community action and this page is independent so help to get the message out to people what is going on. Please share this page to your network and for more information see and

Great News !!!!!!!

Police suspend operation stapler #benlteyblockade as NSW suspends#metagasgo drilling licience Just heard nsw gov suspended licence to metgasco to drill test bore and has sent info to icac. Major party at Bentley this weekend. Not sure if its completely over for CSG in the region yet this is a HUGE victory for people power and we can all pat ourselves on the back for the effort we all but it we have made history I trust this will be the end for licence in this area as they know what we can do and the amount of opposition there is here. On one level I am disappointed it didn’t come to direct action with the police as it would have had more media nationally and internationally and forced a more positive outcome like a complete cancellation of the licence and a declaration of the area and gcs free yet nice to get a positive result without that level of drama. This is also an inspiration to other communities who don’t want CSG . Minister said its about metagasgo not doing proper community consultation but they really dont want a face off between 800 police and thousands of locals defending their land against poisoning CSG . SO this licence has just been suspended it needs to be cancelled and northern rivers declared CSG free and while were at it how about NSW Australia and the world. They know we will all be back if they try this again and reissue the licence. Metagasgo shares started diving this morning from 9 c to 6c until they stepped in and froze trading .One could fairly safely say metagasgo shares are worthless as i predicted yesterday and they will soon be declared bankrupt or broke. Yeah for people power. The people united will never be defeated. Heading out to Bentley now to do some live streaming with some very happy protectors .


Live Streaming from this weekend see

Unless public opinion and pressure works this week, large Police hotel bookings in Lismore and Ballina suggest Police will try to start clearing the Bentley CSG Blockade from Monday the 19th of May. So best to be on site and camp at Bentley over the weekend to stop this madness. If you are waiting for the red alert text to come through (text your number to 044 7399 535 ) if you leave it till Monday morning the 3 roads leading to the blockade may be closed from up to 10 km away. Some ideas to create maximum impact while following Non Violent principals are as follows. If you get stopped before reaching the actual blockade site make the place where you are stopped another blockade site and continue your protest against mining under martial law. Arrests and fines are likely if you don’t eventually obey police instructions so its best to plan your activities carefully and be prepared. Best to work with affinity groups that you train and feel comfortable with. Make sure you have camera gear and other people are aware of youractions. If you are at the gates and the police are trying to clear people, be respectful yet determined. You can be another number on the front line without being arrested simply by following police instructions, albeit slowly. If you choose to make a more definitive statement that you do not want CSG polluting our water and air then you can refuse police directives and simply sit down. Don’t struggle or link arms as this may prompt police to employ ‘pain compliance’ techniques, yet you don’t have to assist. Have your one liner ready for the media. Mass arrests only work in huge numbers so its best to make an assessment of the usefulness of mass arrests on the day. If many hundred people do this Police may need to rethink their strategies and it will make a very powerful statement via the national media which will be present that CSG mining will be stopped by the community despite martial law being declared by the government and that they use truckloads of tax payers money to pay police to enforce the miners and governments will. if you are arrested you also have the option to refuse bail conditions that may say not to return to the site. Thiswould mean staying in police lockup overnight till the case is hearby the sitting Magistrate the next day. Again if everyone or most arrested did this it would totally block up the police system and theywould need to rethink their arrest strategies. I need to say that these are just my ideas from experience and not legal or official Bentley Blockade information.

It is also very important for everyone to bear in mind that this campaign is not going to end if the huge police presence succeeds in getting Metgasco’s equipment onto the site. That will just create newset of conditions for the Northern rivers community to deal with strategically and non-violently over coming days and weeks. It is the hope and the intention of the state government to overwhelm us with shock and awe tactics for several days, but the state cannot afford to maintain a large police presence over a long time. Do not fall into the psychological trap of feeling defeated if the mining equipment gets in. This is a long fight for our regions future and Metgasco’s business model is flawed if it requires a large police presence for every move it makes. There is no future for Metagasco in the northern rivers and we need be determined and persistent for them to realize it. The large symbolic show of force that the government has planned will be a peak event no doubt, but it is far from the last and final play in this long battle to protect our region. For those waiting to be the second wave or simply cant make it I will be live streaming events as they happen at Bentley starting with preparations at Liberty camp over the weekend and talks with Greens Senators and Blockade organizers on Sunday sunrise 5.30 am then  5.30 am Monday Tuesday and so on see details, videos contacts and more

see. P.S. I just rang Premier NSW Bairds Office on 0292285239 and the Police Ministers office on 0292303029 to complain that 18 million is budgeted for this Police operation and they should not be used as the bully boys for the mining companies and the Metagasgos mining lease should be canceled. Please share this info with your network. Will you show up. ?