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Shark nets up over Whale season angers conservationists. 2-5-2017

I gave an impromptu presentation to the Senate inquiry into shark mitigation and deterrent measures in Byron today. I also had some whales whisper in my ear to write a media release to help educate some humans about the dangers of Shark nets…….
Media Release. 2-5-2017
Possibility of leaving Shark nets up over Whale season angers conservationists.
Members of various marine conservation groups who gave evidence at the Senate inquiry into shark mitigation and deterrent measures today are angry and disappointed that the DPI haven’t ensured that they will remove the Ballina Shark nets when the trial is finished and for the duration of whale season. Other NSW regions have already removed their shark nets to prevent the possibility of Whale entanglement and death during the coming migration. It was also noted that the Mayor of Ballina appeared keen to have the Shark nets stay in place when the trial ends this month.
Marine conservation groups including Australian Seabird Rescue, Sunshine Coast Environmental Council, Migaloo 2 Foundation and Ex Greens Senator, Ian Cohen, agreed during the lunch break at the enquiry to write to the Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg, the Chair of the Senate inquiry into shark mitigation and the Ballina Mayor David Wright, insisting that an independent thorough review be conducted at the end of the trial. The letter will ask that Shark nets be removed asap inline with other NSW regions so as not to endanger the lives of the migrating humpback whales.
Founder and Captain of the Marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2, Dean Jefferys, said, “The death of over 172 non targeted species during the trail so far that include dolphins, endangered rays, turtles and sharks could not be called a success by any means. To label nine of sharks killed as “potentially dangerous” even though those varieties have never hurt a human shows the bias of the reporting. The actual marine deaths from the shark nets maybe much higher than reported as it appears many die after being released due to injury and stress. This was demonstrated recently when a turtle washed up dead on Lennox Head with Shark net marks on it. I saw a humpback whale once in Hervey Bay that had parts of a Shark net and floats still attached to it and it would have most likely died later from exhaustion. It was claimed in the media and DPI reports that the Humpback was “Rescued and released”. The bottom line is that many marine animals including critically endangered species are being sacrificed to satisfy some humans fears about going in the water. People are being feed the convenient lie that shark nets will protect them while other more effective non lethal methods are being ignored or under funded.” I am disappointed that some peak surfing groups that made submissions to the inquiry that support Shark nets, drum lines and even culling. What kind of signals should we be sending to the younger generation of surfers? That we just kill anything we are afraid of or that we should learn how to live with respect for fellow creatures we share the waves with.”
If you want to take some action to remove the shark nets the Mayor of Ballina David Wright I understand is asking the DPI to leave the nets in over whale season. If you want him to change his position you can share why at his FB site or email him at
or ring him on (02) 6628 1059 or 04 1596 5403 My email i just sent to him David,
I heard your presentation to the Senate Shark net inquiry and am concerned that you appear to support the nets being in place over the humpback whale migration despite most other NSW regions already removing their shark nets to prevent whale entanglements and death. Can you please confirm if you want DPI to leave nets in place after the trail is finished. It was my understanding there was to be a thorough review of the trials and public consultation before any decision was made to reinstall the nets. Why is this not taking place? How will you sleep when a humpback whale drowns in the net because you asked for the nets to stay? I will be recommending that no one vote for any council members or member of parliament who supported the shark nets.
Dean Jefferys
Senate Inquiry

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