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Baby Humpback whale drowns in Shark Net at Gold Coast.

Another baby humpback whale was killed in a shark nets on the Gold Coast on 15 July 2017 because of human fear and ignorance. Who ever supports shark nets, how would you feel if it was your baby that drowned in a sharknet. Sign this petition, its time to remove shark nets immediately everywhere. Most of NSW remove the sharks nets during whale migration season hence less entanglement. Qld on the other hand leaves them in (over 100) all year and have entangle 126 whales over the last 45 years many whom drowned a horrible death.

Feels like its time to do a shark net demo where it will get a lot of media and put pressure on the right people. Lots of people and banners and a blow up whale tangled in shark nets is a strong image that much media would run with. Im from Northern NSW so don’t know where is best yet i would imagine at Queensland Minister responsible for the Qld Shark Control Program, Bill Byrne office or Fisheries or DPI office or get daring and target QLD tourism and call the lie on shark nets and call for non lethal alternatives. or what about an action on the water with banners near the nets with media in a boat. Ill be joining the migration and sailing through Gold coast in a week or two and happy to use migaloo 2 to highlight the issue.

Following is some action you can take if you feel called to hold some humans to account.…/newborn-whales-dies-off-gold-co…/…
Sign and share the petitions below:…
Petition to at the very least have the nets removed during the migration season:
Send a message to your state MP:
#ProtectAllMarineLife #QuitTheCull #GiveNetsTheFlick
Apex Harmony Campaign – Sea Shepherd Global

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