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BOYCOTT JAPAN. 4 whaling ships left Japan to kill 333 whales

BOYCOTT JAPAN…. 4 whaling ships left Japan today to try to kill 333 whales in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, despite the International Court of Justice ruling saying it was illegal. When governments and corporations refuse to listen to the people or the rule of International Law then its up to the people to take the power back and consumer boycotts of Japanese product and services is a way to put financial pressure on the Japanese governments to stop this senseless and barbaric slaughter of our ancestors from the oceans, the Great Whales. What is the point of having the a world court the International Court of Justice and the International Whaling Commission if the decision is ignored if it doesnt go your way. How can any country now take Japan seriously. The Japanese Government has now become a rogue nation, a joke. Go get em Sea Shepherd and every consumer that was thinking of buying a Japanese product. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull should also boycott the fleet of Japanese submarines it is thinking about buying off Japan. I always knew Sea Shepherd had the law and justice on your side. Now the whole world does and its with you. And if your Japanese and you dont like the world boycotting your country and you happen to like whales then please tell your gov to STOP KILLING WHALES.



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