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Mick Fanning not “Attacked” by shark. Shark nets no answer. Lobby contacts

Mick Fanning wasn’t “Attacked” by a shark he punched a shark during an encounter while surfing the final at Jefferys Bay. This shark that was probably 3-4 meters and could have bitten and killed Mick if it wanted to as he was in the water swimming without his board for about 15 seconds. My feeling is that he was giving Mick a close check out possible he was intending to knock him of his board to see what it was that was in his ocean area and got caught in his leg rope. If he really wanted to bite, eat or kill mick he easy could have, being twice his size 3 times his body weight and in his own seaworld. Mick did the right thing in facing it and punching it. Mick said he was not going to go easy. deeeeeep breath everyone. Everyone ok. no blood. wooow crazy stuff. Happy to see no surfers or organisers are calling for a shark cull or nets. They acknowledged we are in their world and we do so at our risk. Had Mick been like some of the surfers in WA who were promoting culls and drum lines i dont know if his karma would have been so good. There are some precautions we can take when entering their world like not surfing in river mouths, sunset, sunrise, cloudy days, near lobster pots, baits etc also some concerned surfers are strapping on electric pulse anklets. There are spotting options, tagging special sharks and rigid plastic shark nets that dont entangle marine life. In Australia there is a shark control program involving baited drum lines and shark nets that kill many non target species including whales and dolphins. This shark control program is nothing but a destructive and disgusting example of a policy, with no solid scientific backing- in fact more than 350 scientists have spoken out against the use of these devices.
They are simply used as a means to blindly fool the public into a false sense of security- they create more of a hazard than they do to keep people safe. It’s time people see the real destruction they cause.
There were 12 more dolphins caught and mostly killed just last year (2014) in Queensland alone! Not to mention hundreds of sharks, 19 sea turtles, 8 whales, 7 manta rays and many other species…
Since 1962, 50,000 sharks have been killed and 30,000 ‘by-catch’/non targeted species were caught- many dying horrific deaths.
There are better alternatives out there that don’t trap or kill marine life- let’s use them!
The only way we are going to get alternatives happening is to get public support behind this. Please do not think this is a waste of time. These are the people that we need to change current legislation.
Bill Byrne
Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries and Minister for Sport and Racing:
Steven Miles
Queensland Minister of Environment,
Annastacia Palaszczuk
Queensland Premier,
Jackie Trad
Deputy Premier
Deborah (Deb) Frecklington
Shadow Minister for Fisheries
You can look up your local MP here:
and see what happens to dolphins when they encounter shark drum lines and nets see the following link.…/2…/dolphin-caught-shark-bait/6622604

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