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Incredible whale contact while sailing migaloo 2

Just experience the most amazing two hours of my life. A humpback whale swam next to me as the auto pilot steered migaloo 2  and we just played with each other for about two hours till the sun set and moon rose. It was absolutely incredible. I played didge to it it blew bubbles back at me, I’d yell I love you and it would make the same sound and emotion through its blow hole it would come right up to the didge and feel it, I’d say I love you and it would go belly up and swim upside down right underneath me, it would blow next to me to get my attention then it would do a big tail slap and a breach and it came so close to me and eyeballed me so many times. I feel so blessed. It even gave me some clues how to communicate with it telepathically. I would have to close my eyes and play the didge softly get out of my head,no thought just feel the heart and the love it shared when it went belly up. Amazing . Another world and depth of communication is just waiting there for us to dive into. Currently sailing passed Noosa with the full moon glistening on the ocean and gentle northerly taking me home. So blessed. These beings are enlightened gods of the ocean I’m sure. Just while selecting this video two whales came up next to migaloo 2 and puffed at me. Was one my new friend? To see more about my marine conservation campaigns and my new documentary, Whale Whisperers see…………………………………………….Post Script……..I’d like to write some more about the incredible whale encounter I had two days ago while it’s fresh in my mind. I’ve been driven, some would say possessed by a passion to deepen my connection and communication with whales since I was eye balled by one while I was surfing off Byron 15 years ago. I started off speaking on their behalf at protests at Japanese embassies and boycott campaigns to stop the killing of what I felt were my ancestors and friends. It was a flaw in our evolution as a species to harm such enlightened beings. Holding us back from evolving. Yet I wanted more than to speak for them, I wanted to speak with them. So Ive been going to Hervey Bay over the last ten years and just hanging out with them. I felt they had something to offer us humans if we would just take the time to listen and feel. I traveled to Tonga in the South Pacific as you are allowed to swim with the whales there. It was here I had my second eyeball with a mother and baby humpback whale where the whale actually winked at me while I was underwater with it only meters away. A life changing moment to be fully seen and acknowledged and unconditionally loved by a whale, a being maybe 100 times my weight. Then I bought a yacht with Ray Thorpe  about five years ago to establish a marine conservation foundation and we called the yacht migaloo 2. I’ve been sailing to Hervey Bay every whale season since then to just hang out with the whales for months on end listening to their whale songs and just being with them. I have been practicing telepathic communication with the whales every year with varying levels of success. I find they love the vibration of the didgeridoo. It is also a good medium to get out of your mind and just send feelings through the vibration. So when this young humpback whale hooked up with me and migaloo 2 right at double island point for a short part of its southern migration I felt this was a great blessing to deepen my connection with the whales. I’d been longing for personal connection not just a splash or breach like they do for the tour boat, I wanted real connection heart to heart soul to soul species to species. The whale wanted to connect and play too. It would come up next to the boat and spray me with water from its blowhole to my screams of delight. It swam evenly and held its head less than 30 centre meters away from the end of the didgeridoo as I caressed it with sound.  As I poured my love to this being it poured love back often rolling onto its belly swimming upside down right below me blasting me with the most amazing unconditional love heart energy I have felt. So vulnerable and trusting. This was my gift. I had to drop in more. As I played didge to it i receive a subtle message to close my eyes and relax, get out of my head and into my heart, feel what I have been sending you when I go belly up. Heart not head. I dropped in for moments that seemed timeless and when I’d hear his puff next to me I would get distracted and open my eyes just to loose the dept of connection then Id close my eyes again and just play ever so softly on the didge to go back there again. I bathed in his loving and playful energy for at least two hours. He would puff and splash and breach and communicate all for and with me. I was in heaven. Eventually I had to set things up for a night sail and radio in my position. When I came back out the sun was down and the full super blood moon just out of an eclipse on the other side of the planet rose and he was gone. I felt a bit sad I didn’t say goodbye to my new friend yet said with my mind I would love to see him again at Byron bay just after I have finished the animal communication workshop I’m doing with Anna Brechenbarc in the next few days and we are then going out into the ocean to practice our telepathic communication skills with our great ancestors from the ocean, the whales. I felt I had made a real friend with this whale and look forward to connecting again. He will be easy to recognise as he has a damaged and floppy pectoral fin on the left side. I gazed into the rising moon soaking up this incredible connection. The next day I sailed out out of Moloolabar to be greeted by a mother and baby humpback playing and heading straight for one of the 70 or so shark nets that litter our coastline. A baby humpback drowned and died after being tangled in one of these nets not far from here only weeks earlier. I hit the accelerator and motor sailed between the Mother and calf and the net that was less than 100 meters away from them ready to dive over with a knife if it got tangled up. I sent a message with my heart to stay away from these dangerous nets. They didn’t get tangled and instead they both put on a great show for me breaching and pec slapping as if they acknowledged my caring. I realised again how humans need to stop living in fear of creatures from the sea and instead treat them with the love and respect they deserve. We, the earth and all its creatures will benefit when we do. For more info see

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