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Shark Net Protest at Quicksilver Pro Surfing comp 2019

Channel 9 news and courrier mail covered the shark net protest at tweed today. Felt good to speak on behalf of the whales to choose love and respect for life over fear and killing.

Snapper Rocks 2016

Media Release 5-4-2019
Shark Net Protest at Quicksilver Pro Surfing comp Coolangatta

Members of Northern NSW and QLD marine conservation groups will converge on the Quiksilver Pro Surfing competition tomorrow, Saturday 6th April, at Coolangatta at midday Qld time, (1 pm NSW time) to hold up banners, asking for the removal of shark nets and to spread awareness on non lethal and more effective alternatives.

Last Tuesday 2nd April, the QLD Administrative Appeals Tribunal found that scientific evidence about “the lethal component” of the shark control program “overwhelmingly” showed it does not reduce the risk of unprovoked shark attacks.

Co-ordinator of the protest, Dean Jefferys said ”In light of the recent findings by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, we are calling on the Qld Government to abandon its lethal shark control measures, such as shark nets and drum lines, and replace it with the more effective non lethal alternatives.”

“We are very happy the shark net trails have been abandoned off Ballina due to public opposition to the large amount of non targeted marine life dying in the nets which also included endangered species. We would like all states to now use new non lethal technology like drones, personal repellents, sonar, shark tagging, proper signage and education to help avoid unwanted shark encounters. The shark nets go for around 150 meters along the surface in a straight line and only 4 meters down so sharks can easily swim around and under the nets and as the Tribunal has now reaffirmed, offer no protection to bather safety.”
Dean Jefferys said “The Quicksilver Pro Surfing competition is the obvious place to hold a Shark Net protest as many surfers are concerned both about being safe while surfing and also wanting to live in harmony with other marine creatures. The Snapper Rocks region of coastline is flanked by a string of shark nets that have killed hundreds of marine creatures since their placement. In these Gold Coast shark nets, just last year, a baby humpback whale barely escaped drowning while her mother waited helplessly nearby.”

“Drones have recently been deployed by NSW, SLSCs with great effect and Queensland Government should follow suit and give a drone to every surf club. Drone use would be a lot safer for bathers than shark nets as the drones not only provide realtime observation and warning, they also double as a quick response unit to help prevent drownings by dropping a floatation device from the drone as demonstrated in a successful rescue at Lennox Head last year.”

see fb event

For more info about the tribunals findings with HSI see

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