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Migaloo 2 hits Whitsunday Islands + Update

Migaloo 2 hits Whitsunday Islands + Update

Im relaxing into the reality that I wont get to Cairns in time for the eclipse and my presentation at the festival in migaloo 2. Although ive had an amazing time sailing solo yepoon to the Whitsundays, 8-10 hours at the wheel each day for a week without an auto pilot was hard work, nice, but quite taxing. How did Jessica Watson do it for 9 months? Also I realised I was so stuffed at the end of the day and usually away from good internet connection so my other strategy of net working and internet streaming was not happening. So Ive decided to leave migaloo 2 in the whitsundays and catch a road ride to the eclipse and bring my networking gear with me on the road. Ill stream some highlights of the festival and the eclipse then come back and continue the journey south on migaloo 2 and catch up with some issues i had to rush passed on my northern journey. As I sailed into the whitsundays i had to dodge a coal carrying ship that looked at least half a kilometer long. I have read that if all the coal ports in QLD are approved and CSG expanssion continues as planned there is proposed to be an increase in these ship numbers times 4 in the next 20 years. Ive seen how whales rest on the surface and feed their young. Ship striking whales and ship collision and grounding accident are sure to worsen with disastrous consequences for the GBR. In Yepoon I did an interview with Ginny  Gerlack, from the Keppel and Fitsroy Delta Alliance who are stopping some bad coal port development in the area. Ill upload that clip soon. I just uploaded some new pics of the journey so far on my FB site

Following are some blogs  I wrote of the trip so far  sailing solo from Yepoon also see my FB site.
Thomas Island Whitsundays

Thomas Island Whitsundays

Sitting in Keppel bay marina waiting for the winds to drop below 25 knots and to get my auto pilot working. Heading out 6 am tomorrow. Im a little suprised no crew have jumped at the opportunity to join me and migaloo 2 saiing the Witsunday

s. Looks like ill be sailing migaloo 2 by myself maybe without an auto pilot into my uncharted waters. Bit of an initiation I guess. Below is a clip thanking my supporters along with some amazing whale contact from this year in Hervey bay and from tonga. Thanks supporters
Now in duke islands while tuna eat bait fish around migsloo2 Another big sail/motor and 43 miles closer to cairns Another big se wind coming tomorrow so should get some good carbon free miles in. This solo sailing in my uncharted waters is something else. Hard to imaging nine months of it without dropping an anchor or motoring. Woooow Time to catch up on some maintenance reef the main sail and get ready for three days of 15 to 25 knots sailing migaloo2 I’m next to Shoal water bay and was warned on the radio to sail clear of it as they are currently doing war games. I was here in 2007 for the peace convergence protest while USA army and navey here playing and using sonar that harm the whales. Such different realities exist and express themselves on this magic planet ocean
Currently sailing at five knots planning to get to cerlew island before 25 knots hit. Don’t enjoy the idea of pulling down the sails and anchoring in 25 without an auto pilot. All good sun and lure out heaps of mackerel jumping all around
Well its good to pay fine attention to the weather forcast when your sailing. I just sneeked into a safe anchorage on noel island in the digby group just as the wind started to pick up. Its a fine feeling when the anchor grabs and you know

your safe for the night. Checked goggle maps as well as navionics to see where the coral and sand lay. Its a nice little bay protected from the 22 knot winds i clocked on the wind meter. probably 30 kts in the open. Swam into shore and colapsed on the rounded hot rocks on a fairly remote island not many people visit. No fish took my lure and im buggered so looks like its baked beans on toast. Tomorrow will be a big day. 20 knots SE and 45 miles to scawfell island. Gotta get a new auto pilot, feels like im doing weight training in my arms 8 hours on the wheel today and another 9 tomorrow. To follow the trip subscribe and get more info at woow the swells creeping around the corner, bit rocky.
Well looks like im heading for scawfelll island 44 miles away. forcast 15 to 25 knots SE decreasing. Pushing my comfort zone but so is staying here. did i say the swell was creeping around the corner more like a stomping elephant. Ill pick

everything of the floor when i get to scawfell. double coffee lined up just need a good playlist. A sence of adventure and living your passion definatly exists. And the sun is eclipsed by the moon. 2012 the year of endless possibilities where anything can and probably will happen. shiiiiit rocking 30 o each side is just toooo much.
Sailing six knots woooow Full gib and mizen sail up 17 knots on the beam just the way like it right shipmates Life jacket on ePirb in my pocket Bob marley on the woofer singing songs of freedom. Those reading these post you are with me.
Yes made it in before the storm hit Migaloo was doing max hull speed at 8 knots as i had the full rig up as winddropped to ten the picked up to 17 so i dicided to out run it storm passed behind I had no reception so it had to be continued. Had a great swim to shore and walk in the forest that is starting to get tropical now. Heading for Tomas island that I heard is small and beautiful. Thinking if I don’t get crew may have to leave migaloo here as I need to do some overnighters to make some serious miles.

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