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Migaloo 2, 2013 Launch, Films, Music,Talks, Live Stream,

  • Kulcha Jam Sunday 30th June 5 PM $15 One Acacia St Byron Industrial Estate.
  • Come celebrate the safe return of our cousins from the ocean the whales and also join me in this year’s campaign 
    launch of marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2. Migaloo 2 will be sailing north with the Humpback whale migration the following week to play with and record their songs and make a documentary series call “Sailing the Winds of Change”. 

    FILMS: See the Premier Screening of last years epic sailing journey/campaign/film from Byron to Cairns “Sailing 2012 and Beyond” CSG videos
    Sea Shepherd Antarctic campaign shorts with Paul Watson
    LIVE STREAM interview from International Court 
    of Justice: Australia against Japanese Whaling.
    MUSIC Muz Kyle, Tarshito Musicbliss and Focus dreamtime didge fusion music and more
    Dean Jefferys, migaloo 2, Howie Cooke Surfers 4 Cetaceans, Ashera Hart on sound frequencies with whales and dolphins. Gordon Frazer on stopCSG party

    I will also be launching my POZIBLE Crowd Funding Campaign launch for Migaloo 2 with video. I will have the link to take campaign shortly and it will be on

    FOOD : Vegetarian Dinner and Chai available

    Kulcha Jam Sunday 30th June 5 PM $15 One Acacia St Byron Industrial Estate. 

    This is a fundraising event for this year’s Migaloo 2 mission with the whales. see some of last years journey here

    If you live out of the area or can’t make it don’t worry…
    This event will be live streamed live from a window on this site from 5 PM on the 30th.

    Stay tuned in with the activities and live streaming from migaloo 2 over the next 4 months and subscribe to and visit

    Psychic /Auric reader
    And on a completely unrelated issue for those who may be at cross roads in business, relationship or life and may want to seek some deep guidance on them selves or current decisions Id like to recommend a person that has helped me see my direction and campaign strategies clearer . She is Dominique and my partner of two years. She is a psychic /auric reader and the accuracy of her readings continues to blow me away. Im not entirely sure how she does it yet she somehow can read your auric field and see your path and your lessons. The reading go for one and a half to two hours and she can do it via a skype call on the internet. Following is a link to her new FB page i convinced her to set up so she can offer her talents and help those who want it.


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