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Subscription, $10 a month

Subscription, What you get for $10 a month.

In setting up “Sailing the Winds of Change 2012 and Beyond” campaign I wanted to establish a new style of funding. As a filmmaker I have often incorporated  some of the filming budget to go towards the campaign I was filming. As it is very difficult to get enough funding to do either properly I wanted to set up a new model for funding campaigns and films. So I  have focused a lot of my energy in live streaming events direct to people around the world free via the internet. Also I have set up a crowd funding site at Pozible  see

So a way that people can support Migaloo 2 on an ongoing basis is to take out a Subscription for $10 a month. This will give you special benefits like interactivity with guest filmed from migaloo 2 or connected via skype from anywhere. If you have access to a webcam when the situation arises you can talk live and direct to the many legends of our time I will have on our regular live streaming events. I will also be offering Video on demand from my website. Some will be free others will need to be paid for some will be half price or free to subscribers.

So if you want to Support Migaloo 2 on an ongoing basis subscribe on the home page for $10 a month. Thankyou. Dean