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WOW..Global freedom for dolphins day sailing on Migaloo 2, Sep 1, 2011

Whale waving in front of Byron Bay

Whale waving in front of Byron Bay

Had an amazing day sailing with the Whales, Dolphins and beautiful humans on Migaloo 2 on Sep 1st and 2nd on off Byron Bay. We anchored off Main beach for the night with some amazing musicians on board. Murry Kyle, Narada, Nic Kaine, Howie Cooke. We shot amazing moments and music over those days and am in the process of editing up a short clip with Marti. Hope to get that up soon. We managed to live stream to my website for about 50 min over 5 different magic moments. I am still working out the best system so please be patient. Have decided to go with a new i phone and stream live direct from it to next g direct to livestream. Michael is building a cutting edge multi dongle system to get best bandwidth from Hervey Bay. So please sign up to this site to find out the second we go live with the whales. Planning 2 actions on the Gold Coast with migaloo2 and who ever wants to join in.
The first, next to Sea world, maybe on Saturday 10th is a circle to commemorate the dolphins killed and captured.


The second, Maybe Sunday 11th. We sail out to the sharknets half a KM out and surfers paddle or get dragged out. If you want to find out exact time dates and places email me at

Me and Howie hope to meet with the vet from sea world Trevor Long on Friday.

Here is the news story from Prime tv of going out Sail for the dolphins,
and heres the one from NBN
Thousands of people gathered all around the world to ask Japan to stop killing the dolphins. see

to see some more photos of the magic days with the whales on Migaloo 2 see my personal FB Site

And tell all your friends if they want it live with the actions and whales join


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