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Another whale dies in shark nets.WTF.

Another whale dies in shark nets… WTF…….
A humpback whale has washed up at Hungry Head yesterday (july 25th 2012) after becoming tangled in a shark net while migrating north.
It’s believed the whale has been dead for a couple of days after it was spotted in trouble off Port Macquarie almost two weeks ago. Has it been struggling tangled in sharknets for 10 days?? see nbn tv news story


29 whales have been caught in shark nets since 2000, of those 26 have been successfully freed. ie this make  it 4 whales dieing from Sharknets in the last 12 years. Last migration season six whales were tangled, the worst season in recent years.

The Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Fisheries in WA said this week, sharknets dont work and just endanger whales and kill unintended marine life which in turn attract sharks. How many more whales have to die? The whale alarms clearly dont work. Jaws was just a movie. Why do they exist??? Please remove all shark nets. To get more info on sharknets see

Senator the Hon. Joe Ludwig is the Australian Government Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. Follow Minister Ludwig on twitter: @jw_ludwig or email him let him know what you feel about sharknets killing humpback whales and other inocent marine life

“Staff from the Pet Porpoise Pool believe the young male had become entangled in a net or was caught in some strong fishing line.” Here a clip from Sea World cutting a whale loose 2 weeks ago at the gold coast. If you want to give seaworld a ring and ask them why they wont condemn the sharknets ring seaworld 0755882222 ask to speak to the vet Trever Long. ………. To Seaworld, Great you freed the whale from these ridicules Sharknets. For the whales sake how about Seaworld you now condemn the sharknets. Come on Sea World put yourself out of a job, condemn the sharknets.

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