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Me experiencing whaling in Byron Bay 53 years ago. Change..

“Sailing the Winds of Change 2012 and beyond”

While staying with my mother by Morton Bay near Brisbane, fixing and preparing Migaloo 2 for the big sail north to Cairns, I discovered this picture of me being held by my mother when I was 1 year and 3 months young, in Byron Bay, looking at a dead humpback whale being dragged along the wharf at Belongil, in June 1959.

Me experiencing whaling in Byron Bay 53 years ago

Me experiencing whaling in Byron Bay 53 years ago

Wow… Insane… More insane is, I remember that day. I can remember seeing blood being pumped off the end of the wharf and sharks swimming in what must have been the remains of the whales. Seeing these photos stimulates more memories of that day and feelings that something was not quite right.

So now, 53 years later, as I sail on my 3000 kl journey “Sailing the Winds of Change 2012 and beyond” to raise awareness about whale freedom and marine conservation issues, I ponder why do I care so much for whales freedom and why do I have a deep desire to listen to and understand them. Did something mysterious happen on that day?

I spent most of the 1990s deep in the Amazon filming and searching for wisdoms from the ancient human shamans. Now I’m following these ancient shamans of the oceans who have swam on planet ocean in harmony for 30 million years to see what it is they want to share with us if we care to listen.

I skype interviewed Mick Mac Intyre at the recent International Whaling Commission in Panama, and asked him if he felt optimistic. He reminded me that only 50 years ago people were killing whales at Byron Bay and now Byron is a whale watching capital. To think of the change in the way humans think and feel about whales and most animals in the last  50 years, its massive.

So with a deep breath I sigh and ponder how many whales, dolphins, sharks etc are still to die before we humans wake up as a species to not only what we are doing to fellow mammals but all of nature and this precious planet ocean.

Since I sailed from Byron two weeks ago, two humpback whales migrating up  the east coast, have been caught it these ridicules shark nets. One died, possibly slowly over a ten day period as it struggled to free itself from shark nets installed off beaches to satisfy people living in fear, inspired by a 30 year old fictional film.

And the leaders of this process of change continue to be persecuted like the witch hunts of old. Both modern day freedom fighters, Julian Asange and Paul Watson are fighting politically motivated extraditions to corrupt countries that profit from what they are exposing. Julian seeking refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for exposing America’s crimes against humanity and Paul just skipped out of Germany to avoid Costa Rica’s extradition attempt to charge him for stopping the illegal slaughter of sharks and other endangered marine creatures. Is Costa Rica’s extradition also a plan by Japan to extradite Paul from an easy controllable country like Costa Rica to Japan, similarly to what America wants to do with Julian from Sweden. Now Germany joins the list of countries along with Costa Rica, Sweden, America and Japan who cant be trusted to do what is right and instead join forces with countries who flaunt human rights and natures laws and profit from the destruction of species and eco-systems. Julian and Paul both fear for their lives in this corrupt global system that persecutes the hero’s and rewards the villains. Both must be feeling that even with the whole world watching these global villains cant be trusted with their truth, conviction or their lives.

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