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Another Whale tangled up in Shark nets

Another whale caught in shark nets yesterday 24th aug. Contact minister on FB to tell him  its time for the shark nets to go. and
Please remove shark nets. They are killing whales and dolphins

Whale tangled in shark net Hervey BAy 18th Aug

Whale tangled in shark net Hervey BAy 18th Aug

Following is a link to a news story i sent in about a whale i saw dragging a shark net in hervey bay a few days ago. Apparently they cut a whale, from a shark net at kirra. could be the same one in my photo. Shame the media didnt mention my quote saying the shark nets have got to go. Guess its obvious except often media just report of the brave rescue by trained recuers and sea world vets yet sea world refuse to condemn the nets and people aren’t screaming yet for their removal, but if a human was killed by something everyone would scream to get rid of that something . Well shark nets are KILLING heaps of whales dolphins turtles dugons and friendly sharks. Time for shark nets to go and the creatures of the sea swim free. For more info see.

here is the link to probably the same whale getting trapped then released by humans

Whale spotted in Hervey Bay Tangled up in shark nets..Media Release 19.8.2013.
On Sunday 18th of August Skipper of Marine Conservation yacht Migaloo 2 Dean Jefferys spotted a young humpback whale tangled up in a shark net near Roonies Point in Hervey Bay. Jefferys said ” I was watching three humpback whales swim by when I noticed something green hanging of one of the whales body. I grabbed my binoculars and saw the remains of a shark net and floats trailing off his body. I recognised the shark nets as I nearly got caught up in them myself when I sail Migaloo 2 past Kirra on the Gold Coast a month ago and took a photo of them. Even though Im in Hervey Bay to promote marine conservation and I have been campaigning to get rid of shark nets for 3 years I never thought I would actually see a whale tangled up in ashark net. I followed the tangled up whale in my zodiac for 20 minutes to monitor its condition and see if it needed help but it seemed to be swimming ok. I didnt want to cause more stress so I took some photos and sadly left it to an uncertain fate. I contacted a representative from the Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing who said they would keep an ear out for further sightings and if required contact representative who are trained in shark net removal from Noosa. Every year many humpback whales and other important marine life die in these shark nets which are installed to satisfy the fear created from the Jaws Movie. Unfortunately there are still people who capitalise from fear of sharks even though someone has more chance of dieing from a coke machine falling on them then being attached by a shark. ”

Skipper of Migaloo 2, Dean Jefferys said, “Shark nets are purely cosmetic to convince tourists they are “safe”. The nets do not protect anything at all – sharks can swim over, under, and around the nets. Most sharks and other marine life die inside the nets trying to get back to sea from the shore and the by catch is enormous. From 1960 and 1990 shark nets entangled 216 dolphins, 2140 turtles, 552 dugongs including many migrating humpback. They should be removed immediately to prevent more needless marine deaths. 29 whales have been caught in shark nets since 2000; of those 26 have been successfully freed. Some are not found and die slowly from suffocation or wounds from the nets. Last migration season six whales were tangled, the worst season in recent years. The Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Fisheries in WA said recently, shark nets don’t work and just endanger whales and kill unintended marine life which in turn attract sharks.”

Dean Jefferys is planning to do a ceremony with the local Aboriginal Butchulla people on September the first as part of a global protest to stop Japan from commencing with its dolphin killing season which normally starts on that day. For more information and to follow Migaloo 2 s campaign see

Anyone who spots a whale or other marine animal tangled in fishing gear or shark netting can call the 24-hour Shark Hotline on 1800 806 891. While your their tell Queensland Shark Control program manager Jeff Krause time for the shark nets to go. Also or better let the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry The Hon. Joel Fitzgibbon MP, Member for Hunter, know that its time for the shark nets to go, .at

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