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Another Whale tangled up in Shark nets

Another whale caught in shark nets yesterday 24th aug. Contact minister on FB to tell him its time for the shark nets to go. and Please remove shark nets. They are killing whales and dolphins

Whale tangled in shark net Hervey BAy 18th Aug

Following is a link to a news story i sent in about a whale i saw dragging a shark net in hervey bay a few days ago. Apparently they cut a whale, from a shark net at kirra. could be the same one in my photo. Shame the media didnt mention my quote saying the shark nets have got to go. Guess its obvious except often media just report of the brave rescue by trained recuers and sea world vets yet sea world refuse to condemn the nets and people aren’t screaming yet for their removal, but if a human was killed by something everyone would scream to get rid of that something . Well shark nets are KILLING heaps of whales dolphins turtles dugons and friendly sharks. Time for shark nets to go and the creatures of the sea swim free. For more info see.

here is the link

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Migaloo 2, Whale/Ocean conservation yacht

Migaloo 2, Whale/Ocean conservation yacht Raise awareness through direct contact and the internet about issues facing whales, dolphins and the ocean by sailing Australia’s East Coast during the humpback migration. The aim of yacht Migaloo 2 is to use it as a platform to raise awarness on important issues facing whales, dolphins and ocean health. The idea is to travel along the east coast of Australia during the humpback whale migration visiting ports along the way showing films and giving talks about these critical issues. I also plan to do lots of live internet streaming from Migaloo 2 so the whole world including the Japanese can see what amazing beings the whales and dolphins are