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Migaloo 2 Newsletter July 2014


Migaloo 2 Newsletter July 2014, Whales-Japan, Bentley, New Doco, Launch + more

Migaloo 2, Ready to Sail with the Whales 2014

by Dean JefferysSo many momentous events happened recently and about to happen concerning whales and the enviroment it must be time for a newsletter to make sure you don’t miss any of it. Im putting all the issues Im passionate about together as I am seeing all these issues as related so I encourage you to get a cuppa, read the lot and check out the links to photo albums videos and other websites. Mobile phone version coming soon. SO what so momentous?

* The International Court of Justice,  A victory against Japanese Whaling
* Bentley Coal Seam Gas Blockade victory
* My New Doco “The Whale Whisperers” and Crowd Funding campaign
Migaloo 2 Gets ready to join the Humpback whale migration to sail to the Great Barrier Reef.
* Migaloo 2 Campaign Launch 2014 Films, Music, Talks, Celebration.

The International Court of Justice… PATHWAY TO WHALE FREEDOM 
While watching the International Court of Justice, ICJ, give its verdict that meant the Japanese whalers would no longer be shooting exploding harpoons into my whale friends in the Antarctic I screamed so loud I though someone might call the police. For many years millions of people around the world have been wondering how is it possible that these magnificent creatures of the ocean are still being killed under the blatant lie of “scientific research” That lie, that resulted in over 10000 whales being killed was finally exposed in the Highest Court on this Planet Ocean. This is a major victory for the whales and a huge step forward in humanities evolution. Japan may choose to keep killing whales in the northern hemisphere yet a precedent has been set and if they do, other northern hemisphere countries can challenge Japan in the ICJ again and most likely win.

So how did this ICJ case and this huge power shift come about? Around ten years ago local Byron Filmmaker and Whale activist Mick McIntyre who was then working for IFAW, International Fund for Animal Welfare as the Director for the Asia Pacific region commissioned a report with some lawyers on the feasibility of taking Japan to the ICJ. Although a positive outcome looked promising no government wanted to upset the Japanese Government even though it was obvious that this is what the Australian public really wanted. Mick presented the ICJ case report to Kevin Rudd in 2007 who could see that public opinion wanted more action on whales and could see his election chances improving if he took on Peter Garret and the ICJ case. The rest is history. So everyone who sent an email to the PM, voted for Labor or the Greens in 2007, signed and forwarded an anti whaling petition, threw money in a Sea Shepherd tin, bought and wore a tee shirt, traveled to the Antarctic on a Sea Shepherd ship, protested at the Japanese Consulate in Brisbane, boycotted Japanese products, spoke to their friends and family about whaling and did so many other things around the world, all contributed to the outcome of this ICJ case. People power at its best.

People have asked me do you think Japan will really stop or just try to find another loophole to squeeze through. My response and true feeling is whaling is almost over for Japan. This is the ruling many if not most Japanese have been waiting for. I’m sure the Japanese consulate in Brisbane is one of many Japanese diplomats and citizens that will be happy not to be associated with this blatant lie the government has been running and also to disassociate themselves with the cruel practice of killing Whales. It is also a face saving way to exit whaling as for the last 5 years Sea Shepherds activities that have stopped Japan killing thousands of whales has meant every year Japan looses millions of dollars and the Government continues to subsidize whaling. Now Japan can say they are good global citizens by obeying the ICJ ruling and that they are not stopping whaling because Sea Shepherd made whaling financially unviable. Credit due here to Paul Watson and all the Sea Shepherd crew and volunteers for being relentless and keeping the pressure up.

Later that night after celebrating the ruling on Face book with friends around the world as I lay in bed with waves of euphoria drifting over me I could feel the whales of Planet Ocean take a deep breath of relief. Yet I felt their deep breath wasn’t for their own species it was for us. They are grateful that humanity has reached this stage in our evolution where humans no longer wish to kill Whales and Dolphins and have taken the necessary action to reflect this desire. We are now fast approaching the time where humanity must respect all the creatures of the ocean and the land for the intelligent beings they are and not kill them for food or enslave them in cages or aquariums for our entertainment.

I have recently read that the Japanese PM Abe, wants to start commercial whaling and  that Japanese whalers plan to rewrite the scientific reserch requirements and go back to the Antarctic this year despite the ICJ ruling this would be illegal. The whalers still have to get approval from the Government and Permit from the International Whaling Commission IWC that meets in September. Howie and others plan to go to the IWC and make sure there is huge oportition to this illegal move by Japan to continue whaling. Sea Shepherd are currently raising funds to confront them if they do…To be continued… see

At 5 am the morning of the ICJ verdict I was with over 1000 people gathered at Bentley CSG protect to stop Metagasgo establishing an exploration well. The police where too out numbered to turn up. Images of the rich elite and the rebelling underclass workers in the movie “Hunger Games” came flooding into my mind. This is the time we say no to greedy Governments and Corporations that are set on exploiting, destroying and poisoning our land and water and killing the Planets animals and oceans. Enough is enough. The events of last Monday the 31st of March 2014 gave me great faith in humanity that we are at the tipping point where anything is possible. We just need to see and believe this change will happen and do what is necessary. Don’t say the rig will get through eventually, don’t say animals will always be in captivity, see what is possible, see all the dolphins and whales and sharks swimming free, the factory farms closing, the ancient forests standing strong, the rivers running free and clean, renewable energy replacing fossil fuels, people loving their brothers and sisters around the world free from greed and tyranny. It’s that or “Hunger Games” and I know what reality I want for my children.

Following are some pictures from over the last 10 years speaking out for the whales

Bentley Coal Seem Gas CSG Blockade victory
On 15th of May Police suspend Operation Stapler #benlteyblockade as the Government suspend #metagasgo drilling licience to drill test bore and has sent info to ICAC. Not sure if its completely over for CSG in the region yet this is a HUGE victory for people power and we can all pat ourselves on the back for the effort we all put in we have made history I trust this will be the end for Metagasgos licence in this area as they know what we can do and the amount of opposition there is here. On one level I am disappointed it didn’t come to direct action with the police as it would have had more media nationally and internationally and forced a more positive outcome like a complete cancellation of the licence and a declaration of the area and CSG free yet nice to get a positive result without that level of drama. This is also an inspiration to other communities who don’t want CSG . Minister said its about metagasgo not doing proper community consultation but they really didnt want a face off between 800 police and thousands of locals defending their land against poisoning CSG . So this licence has just been suspended it needs to be cancelled and northern rivers declared CSG free and while where at it how about NSW Australia and the world. They know we will all be back if they try this again and reissue the licence. Metagasgo shares started diving this morning from 9 c to 6c until they stepped in and froze trading. Now gone to 3 c .One could fairly safely say metagasgo shares are worthless as i predicted yesterday and they will soon be declared bankrupt or broke. Yeah for people power. The people united will never be defeated. Some pictures here.  Im editing a short doco up of the event to be ready shortly and Premiered at the Migaloo 2 launch on the 28th  June, see  details below.

Following are bits I wrote on my FB page during the 8 week + blockade…..
Twas truly amazing sitting up on top of the tripod #BentleyBlockade after the news of the canceled licence came though. Bit like sitting on top of the great pyramid. So much energy. Amazing victory. Be nice to keep it in a museum and honored for the symbol or ressistance it has become. Funny I filmed the first time a trypod was used in the SE forest wood chipping campaign in 1989. They tipped it over and nearly killed the person on top. They have learnt to respect the trypod more since then. Really feels that we have honored the land here and the earth can feel us here and people have felt the earth here. Initiation for many in connecting with earth energy. May this magic life force continue to pump our hearts and spread. With help from my friend Michael I was set to Broadcast quality live Stream events to the www if the protest happened and news networks around the world would have been able to do live news flashed from my feed at Bentley or copy and edit material for the news program later. A great and powerful media tool which I plan to get into more in the future and im sure others will too. I am aiming to buy my own streaming equipment to use on Migaloo 2 and other actions. See my crowd funding page for more info on that and to help it you feel.

The Bentley camp is all packed up now and the Bentley Social bubble has popped and people are reluctantly getting back into their regular work which for many seems a bit mundane after Bentley. The metal container is loaded up with tarps star pickets and gear ready to be deployed at a moments notice if any CSG company is silly enough to try to drill the land for CSG in the northern rivers. It may also go to other protests/protects areas around NSW with trained crew able to run another Bentley. Look out for the times they are a changing. For more info on CSG see

My New  Doco “ The Whale Whisperers” and Crowd Funding campaign
After many years of dreaming up my new doco (its been 13 years since I finished “ Shamans of the Amazon” I have been inspired to combine 2 or more of my passions. My respect and awe of the Shamans of the Amazon and their ancient knowledge and rituals including their deep connection to the plant, animal and spirit world and my yurning to communicate with whales and see animals treated with more respect especially the wild whales and dolphins of the ocean. Sooooo… I just launched my Pozible crowd funding site for my new Documentary “The Whale Whisperers” about a mysterious journey communicating telepathically with whales and other animals. If you want to read more about the project and how you can help and get rewards for any donations go to my Pozible Crowd Funding campaign   $5 donation gets you on the mailing list and a download of humpback whale songs, $30 gets the above plus download of Shamans of the Amazon, and it goes on to $1000. You need to sign up to Pozible to make a pledge then if/when I reach my target of  $13650 pozible will automatically transfers the funds across to this projects account. One kind sold just donated $1000. Im very excited about this doco, its been years in the dreaming process. It combines 2 of my major passions Shamanism and Whale freedom. Check it out. Its Time.

The Whale Whisperers. Brief Synopsis
Feature Documentary 100 minutes with live streaming elements.
The Whale Whisperers is a mysterious journey to the final frontier of the natural world, communicating telepathically with animals. For thousands of years indigenous people have had a close and intimate relationship with nature. Some of the elders and shamans of the tribes, to this day, communicate telepathically not only with animals but the plant and spirit world as well.

The Whale Whisperers is the personal journey of filmmaker and environmental activist Dean Jefferys as he travel the world to seek out these Shamans and Animal Communicators. He will learn and refine the process of telepathic communication with animals and through this exchange allow these animals to express their reality and message to humanity. see the promo clip
to see extended version of whale contact and my youtube channel with over 100 clips

Finally “Shamans of the Amazon” is now available Pay Per View
This 52 minute documentary took me 5 years to make and was one of the first docos to be made about the ancient Ayahuasca ritual. It has become somewhat of a cult film on the subject and finally I have now made it available as a Pay Per View option for the opening price of $3.95 This also supports me to make another so if you have benifitted from seeing this doco already via one of the many pirated copies floating around how about gifting this PPV doco to a friend relative or Parent. Once you pay for it you receive an email of the special link to watch online. I will be uploading other films and music to this page so stay tuned. Click the link below to get instructions how to pay and download this amazing doco to see a 7 min clip see

Shamans of the Amazon is a personal account of Film-maker Dean Jefferys returning to the Amazon with his partner and one year old daughter. They journey deep into the heart of  the Ecuadorian rainforest to meet two Amazon Shamans and learn about and experience the ancient ayahuasca ritual. The film also shows how this hallucinogenic ritual is being adapted and used in western cultures.

Migaloo 2 Gets ready to join the Humpback whale migration to sail to Hervey Bay and the Great Barrier Reef.
Migaloo the white whale that Migaloo 2 marine conservation yacht was named after is due to pass by Byron Bay around the beginning of July which is about when I hope to be ready to join the migration for a few months. This year I want to use Migaloo 2 to help raise awareness about the alternatives to shark nets and show the destructive practice of shark baiting. Every years many marine creatures including whales and dolphins get caught and die in shark nets along the east coast of Australia. They are unnessecary and have to go. WA has been baiting and culling sharks this year after a number of fatalities and has killed hundreds of tiger sharks that have not killed anyone in Australia. So Migaloo 2 and I plan to work with a number of groups in QLD to raise these issues.
I also plan to video and live stream activities music and connections with whales over the 4 month journey so stay tuned on what will be an amazing trip. I should be in Hervey Bay over August and September. I have some great crew and musos already coming on board yet there is still some oportunities to join us onboard for the right people. Email me to get more info and what is required. To see more info on the projects migaloo 2 has already been on and see some amazing footage of connecting with whales see

One of the aims this year is to expand on and deepen communication techneks with the whales. Dr Didge gave me a slide didgerido and we have a hydrophone on board so anything is possible. I also want to shoot a pilot video and some footage for my exciting new doco “The Whale Whisperers” I also plan to visit Lady Musgrave in the Great Barrier Reef to enjoy this world heritage wonderland. If you want to come and help me get migaloo 2 ready in Brunswick Harbor contact me. Maybe able to trade some work on the boat for sailing

Migaloo 2 Campaign Launch 2014 Films, Music, Celebration.
Come celebrate the Campaign Launch of Migaloo 2 for 2014. I will be showing some short films I’ve shot on Migaloo 2 with the whales over the last years as well as a short inspiring film on the Bentley Blockade I shot over the last 2 months out there. Other Shorts include recent activities of the Sea Shepherds in the Antarctic, Sharks, Promo clip of my new film “ The Whale Whisperers”
Talks by Dean JefferysHowie Cooke Surfers For Cetaceans (S4C) Nicole McLachlan Stop Shark Cull QLD, Friends of India, Giving it Back,  Rep from CSG. Music still to be announced. It will be a Victory Celebration for everything we have achieved for future generations and other species. This event will be lived streamed from This is also the launch of my crowd funding campaign for my new film “ The Whale Whisperers” see

At Kulcha Jam 1 Acacia St Byron Industrial Estate, Saturday, 28th June, 5pm $10 Chai and Food available. To get updates of the gig see my FB site
This event will be Live Streamed from

Big thanks to Ray Thorpe Founder of Happy Herb Company for being the major sponsor of migaloo 2. See Check other great sponsors below

Tax deductable Status for “The Whale Whisperers”
I recently achieved Tax deductable Status through the Australian Documentary Foundation for my doco “The Whale Whisperers” so if you want to right off some tax and donate to a Documentary that will make a difference in the way we see and treat animals email me for details.

Protect the Dolphins  
September 1st is the beginning of dolphin killing season in Japan unless we stop it. Global actions are planned and we will live stream actions from around the world via google hangout on all day on Sep 1st. I plan to do ceremony again for and with the dolphins on migaloo 2 in Hervey Bay on the day.

Live Streaming and Media equipment needed
MIgaloo 2 and Dean need some Live Streaming and media equipment to be able to get  more info to you and the world. For the full list of media needs see my Crowd Funding site at pozible below. While filming and Live streaming at the Bentley Blockade I could see areas for improvment of quality and reliability. I have been working with tech legend, MKG for over 9 years live streaming with the whales. Now it is more important than ever to have this latest high teck broadcast live streaming gear so I can bring to you and the world the lastest ground breaking events. If 800 police and 5000 protectors faced off I had borrowed gear to stream live yet that gear may not be available or be appropriate next time there is a blockade or need for instant media access depending on reseption available. So I need to by my own gear and also livestream with the whales, musicians and celebrities from Hervey Bay. With this gear I will be able to link with other groups around the world doing marine or CSG actions and co-ordinate live streaming from each location on the same day. Its around $7000 to set up. The Revolution will be televised if i can buy this gear….

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