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Japanese whalers told to stop killing whales. ICJ

Japanese whalers have been told to fuck off and stop killing whales in the Antarctic (not exactly in those words) by the highest court on this planet the . This is a major victory for the whales and a huge step forward in humanities evolution. I also just heard that police may not be going to the Bently CSG protest site straight away. We scared them off. MAJOR victories all round I am soooooooooooooooooooo happy for the whales humanity and earths future. Let me bath in this bliss for a while please great spirit. Now we can start opening to beeeeeing with the whales free from any threat whales may feel from humanity. Well this doesnt stop japan from killing whales outright still lots to do yet this is the biggest step forward since the monitorium. More details of the case to go over and Japan hasnt responded to anything yet but they will have to comply. Sea Shepherd can now use their ships to patrol other areas of the sea to protect other speacies. Maybe WA to help the sharks. Damn didnt get to go to the Antarctic with them. Yet im sooo happy. Congrats to everyone who has

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