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Sailing the Winds of Change, 2012 and Beyond

Dean and Migaloo 2 Hervey Bay Sunset

Sailing the Winds of Change, 2012 and Beyond

Dean and Migaloo 2 Hervey Bay Sunset

“Sailing the Winds of Change 2012 and Beyond” is a multi media event based around an exciting sailing adventure from Byron Bay to Cairns with a flotilla of yachts. By using the latest technology and interactive media and by utilizing social and traditional media and direct contact the Flotilla intends to inform and inspire people on the direction humanity needs to travel in 2012 and into the future. Each yacht will represent themes of issues we would like to bring awareness to and change e.g. Climate change, Whaling, Ocean health, Indigenous issues, Herb freedoms, Whale communication, Deforestation, Mayan Calendar, Peace, Social and Environmental issues etc.

The flotilla plan to leave Byron Bay around the beginning of June and sail with the humpback whales during their northern migration up the east coast of Australia to Hervey Bay, the Great Barrier Reef and onto Cairns by the end of November. The fleet will do shows/ at large ports along the way which may include presenting Films, Talks, Music, Workshops and NV actions while at the same time exploring and exposing local issues to Media and

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Commemorative circle for Dolphins killed sunday 18th 11 am

Hi Crew, Migaloo 2 is now on the Gold coast after a great sail up from Brunswick with heaps of whales. Tomorrow, SUnday 18th Me and Howie Cooke are organizing an action/circle in the water off seaworld for all the dolphins captured and killed in japan. Meeting near water near sea world entrance sunday 11 am. Bring Surfboard and cossies .This will be a ceremony not an arrestable action. see to see the event streamed live at 11 and what the Migaloo 2 yacht and campaign is all about

Media Release 17th Sep, Commemorative circle near Sea World for Dolphins killed and captured in Japan

Dolphin and whale conservation yacht Migaloo 2 who just sailed into the Gold coast and members from Surfers for Cetaceans and Sea Shepherds will hold a commemorative circle on the water near the Gold Coast Sea World entrance at 11 am Sunday 18th, for all the Dolphins killed and captured in Japan. September 1st was the beginning of dolphin killing season in Japan. Although a typhon delayed the killing season it was confirmed by flipper trainer Ric O Barry who has been in Taiji, Japan since the 1st that a pod of Risso’s dolphins,

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